Friday, 23 November 2012

Christmas Norwegian Style

While in Tromso it was nice to see the things they have in Norway for Christmas:-
The Trolls...

...more trolls - they were everywhere!

Wreaths made from a variety of different 
foliages..take your pick.

These huge dogwood rings adorned 
the florist's windows inside and out and 
had fir cones on them..

A different style of tree!

Lovely glass and china birds and 
baubles decorated the tree.

Lovely wreaths with moss, cones, pussywillow
and fir branches with a lovely heart motif all 
tied on with a very fine sparkly wire.

A closer look.

I liked these heart motifs and the one at the 
front was hollow so you could put decorations 
into this - they were made with the scales from 
pine cones and heavily glittered with sugar like 
glitter/crystals. Gorgeous!

More decorations on a tree.

More lovely pine cone wreaths with glitter/crystals.

Here the traditional lights on the step entrance 
to the shop - I noticed a lot of homes and
shops all had 2 candles burning either side
of the entrance - it must be a Norwegian 
custom - from what I can gather it IS a yuletide
custom and helps brighten up the dark days leading 
up to Christmas.  On the subject of Christmas lights, 
apparently only white lights will do they don't do colour 
and in a way that is nice, as it keeps thing uniform not garish. 
I found it very welcoming to have the candles
on the doorsteps - as did my hotel! 

A wreath came home with me and the 
smell from it is divine!  I wish we had the 
And finally Troll Mother & Father Christmas also 
came home with me from Oslo Airport- ahhh!


  1. Oh how sweet! Do they have two candles either side or one candle either side (= 2 candles) sorry! Just wanted to check, might go Norwegian at GH!

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi PP - they had one candle either side - either an oil burner cake type "candle" with naked flame on the floor or up on long poles or they have lanterns with a candle inside either side of the door. I really liked it! SAx

  2. What beautiful, and slightly different, decorations. Anything involving pine cones and snow gets my vote!

    1. LOL Patricia - the cones smell wonderful too! Did you know if you have a fire you can throw the cones on and they scent the house?! SAx

  3. Beautiful photos! Interested in Scandinavian countries and design. Also love Christmas. These pictures show their culture, thank you!

  4. You are very welcome ArtEffects- glad you found them useful! SA:-)