Thursday, 29 November 2012

Ways with a Gavroche Part 2

Following on from the previous post now I am showing how to wear 2 gavroches together - this is a good way to make your gavroches much more versatile.  I also like that these are much lighter weight to wear. I have deliberately taken 2 contrasting gavroches and worn a contrasting top so you can see the interaction of the scarves more easily.
A 2 gavroche twist....

Fold the 2 gavroches in the basic fold first. 
Secure the 2 gavroches with a scarf ring at one end.

Twist the 2 gavroches together and when you 
are happy with it place round the neck and 
secure the other 2 ends through the scarf ring to 
achieve the look.

Next you can achieve some great knotted looks - get 2 gavroches and fold in the basic fold again and tie at the back of your neck either with a small knot or a small scarf ring so that you have the scarf ready to tie just like a normal 70cm or 90cm - there really are no limits to what you can do - I think that you can wear 2 gavroches in any knot that you would do with a 70cm or a 90cm:-
2 gavroches joined up and ready to tie.

A Friendship Knot

A Half Ascot Knot

A lovely bow knot made by looping the tails 
of each gavroche through a medium scarf ring. 
This one is a mid length bow.

Another bow - same as before - 
but here I pulled the bow higher
up to the neck

Here you can see the mechanics of the
2 gavroches.
Watch for more ideas on wearing 2 gavroches!


  1. Great idea, I didn't know there is such a beautiful way of wearing two gavroches together. Thank you for sharing:):)

    1. Hi L so glad you found the post useful. Hope you will like the next 2 installments SA:-)