Monday, 26 November 2012

Ways with a Gavroche Part 1

I was asked a while back (sorry for the delay) about wearing gavroches - the tiny 16 inch squares of silk that Hermes sell.  So as I had a bit of time to spare I set about playing with some of my gavroche squares. First of all wearing just a single gavroche - not too many options here:-
Cowboy - simply fold on the diagonal and tie
at the back either with a small knot or secure 
with a petit/twilly scarf ring.

Here a knot feature - simply fold scarf in basic 
fold then tie a single knot in the middle and tie 
at the back either with a small knot or secure 
with a petit/twilly scarf ring.

Watch out for Part 2 using - you guessed - 2 gavroches!


  1. Hi SA, I have a couple of other ways to tie these which I was shown at the H scarf workshops at Liberty's. PM me at tPF if you want and I can let you know how. Looking forward to the 2 gavroches demo.

  2. Woefully behind here! I'd not thought of a 'Berliner' (a single or double knot for the larger carres) for a gavroche. I associate you with the Berliner almost as much as the Cossack look you kindly enlightened me about early on in my scarfing career.

    The other way I like to tie a single gavroche is with an assymetric fold, secured with a small scarf ring, which is probably the knot I favour the most for wearing with all sizes of carres and displaying a goodly amount of the design.

    1. Hi PW - no worries! I don't know where the time goes - it is December now already!!!! Glad you like the knots and that you have got the knack of the Cossack now! SAx

  3. Very pretty ideas. Mai Tai once modeled her scarf by wearing it tucked inside the neckline of a similar top just giving a wonderful pop of color and a cozy feel. Just another idea to consider.

    1. Thanks Anon - yes lots of ideas! But typically when I tried to think when I did the blogs my memory escaped me LOL! SA:-)