Monday, 10 May 2010

Bringing Home the Goodies!! London Part 3/3

Over on tpf we have a new thread called the Ode to La Femme aux Semmelles de Vent where all varieties of this design are being celebrated!  I decided to add to my collection when I saw this baby pink colourway in Harrods!!

This was a lucky find as the design is more or less sold out everywhere.

Here worn simply with a scarf ring.
And here wearing by-pass style with the scarf ring again.
I managed to fold the scarf carefully so as to maximise on the gorgeous spring colours.

I also brought home some delicious praline macaroons from Laduree - I fell in love with their Lily of the Valley box!

After a long, but fruitful, day in London I was glad to come home for a rest before returning to work this week!!


  1. Hi dear! I love your new scarf, too late to get one, I'm afraid!!!
    Congratulations, your blog is getting more and more interesting.

  2. Congratulations on Ms Pink, how absolutely gorgeous she is!! And the Laduree box is just adorable, thank you for the beautiful pics.

  3. Birkinmary - thank you for your lovely comments - LFASDV is still out there I'll PM you;-)

  4. Thank you MaiTai - I am very pleased with Ms Pink - she is a match made in heaven for Ms Poudre!! Glad you like the pics - Paris next week!!

  5. Christian - thank you - glad you like the pattern - I love it and I can see why you like the Thai scarf you mention in the link - I don't think the photos do it justice - woudl be good to see IRL!

  6. May I add my congratulations also! I love La Femme and actually have 3, including this gorgeous CW. As always you've tied it beautifully. Thanks for sharing your journey!


  7. Thank you!! But oh my you have 3 cws!! Lucky you Maisie but it IS irresistible isn't it?