Sunday, 30 May 2010

A morning walk through St Germain - Paris Part 2

My last morning in Paris took me across the Seine to the Left Bank and the St Germain area.  I found it to be quite an "upmarket" and residential area and lovely to walk along in the warm sunshine.  Naturally I went the wrong way when I came out of the Metro, but hey that is part of the fun of finding your way around a new place ;-) and it lead me to find things I may not otherwise have this walk is food orientated so it may be best to read this after you have eaten.

Boulevard Raspail - the central reservation of the road had these lovely wrought iron circles at intervals with flowers which I though were rather pretty.

A close up of one of the beautiful pink standard roses.

On my erroneous route I came upon a small fresh food market - it was just in the middle of the road on the central reservation!  I love these markets as you know and for me it was a first to find a proper one in Paris - after all these years they DO exist!!

Every meat/sausage under the sun...
Lots of cheese...
The lovely artisan breads....
Asparagus Season in full swing - look at the tiny ones at the front!!

Lovely colourful fresh vegetables
Leaving the market I carried on my walk and found a couple of specialist shops...firstly Barthelemy is a specialist goats cheese shop... 
...but I really wanted to buy the little goats in the window..but they are not for sale!
There was a beautiful cake shop - Dalloyau - if I ever I lose my job I think I'd like to learn the art of the patissiere in France! 
How is this for a macaroon!
And finally the pasta maker...
I hope you had a nice gourmet walk through St Germain with me!


  1. Hi ScarfA, I'm drooling at the sight of those incredible gourmet pictures! thank you for sharing them... oh! that cheese! :)

  2. Thank you Birkinmary! It was lovely seeing all that yummy food ooh la la!

  3. What a delicious stroll through St. Germain. I adore the Boucher sign and I can't seem to get the giant macaroon out of my thoughts. So glad you got a little turned around. ;-)

  4. Thank you SMR - you never know what you will find, but I found lots of goodies on this walk!!

  5. Thank you for sharing - so much pleasure from the photos and no calories!


  6. ^^^ lol Maisie that is what I always say about foodie pics - they are the calorie free way to enjoy food ;-)