Sunday, 23 May 2010

A Spring Trip to Paris - Part 1

I went to Paris this week for a quick trip to see the ballet La Bayadere at the Opera Garnier - more of that later. Paris was bathed in lovely sunshine so it was very nice to wander around. My first stop was Hermes FSH followed by a taxi ride to George V, then I walked back to my hotel along the Seine and across the Place de La Concorde.

The Eiffel Tower from the Right Bank somewhat in silhouette as the sun was behind it!

The beautiful Pont Alexandre III

The Place de La Concorde

Looking up the Champs Elysees towards the Arc de Triomphe.
On my walk back from Avenue George V, I walked along the avenue parallel to the Champs Elysees to avoid the crowds - I happened upon a rather lovely square - François 1er which had some beautiful buildings.

In the evening, I went to the Opera Garnier theatre to see Nureyev's La Bayadere ballet. My seat was not the best in the house as the tickets were like hen's teeth so I was very lucky to get just 1!! It was a very lovely production with the most beautiful costumes, but of course La Bayadere is most famous for it's stunning Kingdom of The Shades/Les Ombres scene. The ballerinas pulled it off perfectly and to very well deserved applause.
Here at the curtain call are the 3 Étoiles who danced for me(!) left to right - Dorothée Gilbert (Gamzatti), Aurélie Dupont (Nikiya) and Nicolas Le Riche (Solor) (he could jump really high!) - I was lucky to meet all of them after the show at the stage door and they kindly autographed my programme for me so I have a lovely souvenir!


  1. So nice to see Paris in the springtime, and the ballet-- thank you. How marvelous that you met the 3 Étoiles. Your mention of FSH and George V makes me wonder if there is an upcoming reveal...I hope so. Also, I couldn't help but notice that we seem to be on the same websites today: TPF, and MaiTai's.

  2. Thank you for the lovely pictures, I'm so happy that you could travel and enjoy this trip. I've seen you new plisse and it's beautiful, congratulations!

  3. SMR - thank you! Yes it is so nice to be able to meet the Étoiles and to compliment them on their performances, I love that!
    Not only FSH, G-V but Grenelle as well;-) will show you the loot on here soon!
    Yep I am always surfing TPF too(bad for the bank balance) and follow the blogs - it's fun!

  4. Birkinmary - thank you - yes I was quite relieved to take off! The plane I flew on must have been brand new - it was immaculate! Glad you like my plisse - I will put some pics on here soon along with the other goodies;-)

  5. Beautiful Paris pics and wonderful travelogue! How special to have met the Etoiles, the performance must have been such a joy to watch. Looking forward to seeing the LFASDV Plissé. What a wonderful souvenir, congratulations!

  6. Wonderful description of your "sejour a Paris", thank you for sharing. The show must have been truly unforgettable, something you undoubtedly cherish. Congratulations (and thank you again !).

  7. Thank you MaiTai I had a busy couple of days but I loved every minute! I will post more pics soon.

  8. Thank you Costinianus glad you enjoyed my ramblings! I adore ballet and am always in awe of the dancers' skills - a trip to Russia got me hooked!!

  9. So lucky to have found even 1 hen's tooth! Such beauty...sigh.