Saturday, 8 May 2010

Dresses for Princesses - Trip to London Part 1/3

I was up in London the other day as I went to see the Grace Kelly Exhibition at the V&A Museum.  The show was quite small compared to the original "The Grace Kelly Years" which I saw in Monaco in 2007, naturally logistics prevented all the exhibits being sent to the UK.  Nonetheless I was able to take a picture of one dress at the exhibition entrance:-

Also on display at the V&A is one of Princess Diana's dresses - this is the "Elvis" dress made by Catherine Walker and worn by Diana several times, including a trip Hong Kong in 1989. 

Diana sitting for a formal portrait in 1990 by photographer, the late Terence Donovan.

The donors of the dress were The Franklin Mint who bought the dress in Diana's famous 1997 auction at Christies in New York.


  1. Beautiful pictures, ScarfAddict, thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Wonderful pictures and such a treat to get a peek at the exhibit since it probably won't be coming to a museum near me. Also enjoyed the Princess Diana dress... a nice reminder of what a beautiful woman she was. Thank you for sharing.

  3. what a stunning portrait of Diana, she was so radiant..

  4. Thank you Birkinmary - you're welcome!

    SMR - I'm just sorry it was just one picture but that was all I could get! I miss seeing Diana and her fabulous outfits!

    Elle - Terence Donovan's portraits of Diana are lovely.

  5. I remember so well the late princess wearing the 'Elvis dress', she was such an amazing woman in every way. Beautiful shots of GK's dress, thank you for sharing pics this fabulous exhibition.

  6. The Elvis dress was a real WOW indeed!! Happy you like the photos - thank you MaiTai!