Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hermes FSH & CDG T2E's windows.

Firstly here are a few photos of the new window display at Hermes FSH - the focus seems to be on things for the home.
Here are some porcelain palm trees!

A few fishy features, but they could almost be owls as well LOL!

One of the side windows.

 The Horseman was flying some yellow Domes Celestes scarves.

A nice Kelly.

And a lovely lacey Kelly and briefcase, with one of the re-issues of the Epices scarf to the right. 

Meanwhile over at Terminal 2E at Charles de Gaulle Airport they had the same/similar displays as at George V - they have cleverly used cotton reels to make Hermes goodies - here a lovely bangle in my favourite colour PINK!

And here is a lovely colourway of the L'Arbre de Vie scarf - one of the new AW11 reissues - I love this colourway so I'll need to try it on some time LOL! (The left side is slightly obliterated by a pillar).


  1. The scarf photo makes it look so nice...good for my wallet I have not seen it IRL. Hermes "bracelet" is a very interesting idea, as well as their artistic windows - I have never thought about the process of making a window look. Now, I am thinking how demanding it actually must be in case of Hermes FSH - many windows and they always must reflect the spirit of Hermes. Tough task and very nice at the same time. Maria

  2. Maria - yes quite a challenge for the window dressers but they always manage to do a first class job! SAx

  3. Lovely, lovely windows. Thank you for sharing SA. Such a delight to see the L'Arbre de Vie scarf. I just saw it in a GM cashmere in a blue colorway at a Hermes near me. My SA is holding it for me for a few days since I really don't need a new cashmere scarf, but I am trying hard to justify the purchase. ;-)

  4. What a feast for the eyes, many thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you SMR - ohh L'Arbre is calling loudly to me too!! It's my birthday tomorrow so I think I might have to throw caution to the wind and get one seeing as I am going shopping LOL;-)SAx

  6. Thank you MaiTai - glad you like!

  7. Thanks a lot for your pictures! I love L' arbre de Vie in this colorway and got it last week from my husband!

  8. Really hoping you throw caution to the wind and post pictures of a new birthday L'Arbre scarf real soon!

  9. Tereza - aha I thought I saw you wearing one on the SOTD thread - gorgeous! I think your cw ois one I like too 11? I saw 5 and 11 today and I will have to have them at some point! SAx

    SMR - I tried on 5 and 11 today but will need to go back to my local H for the them - I wanted to buy from Harrods but they had sold out LOL! SAx