Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New H part 1 (of 3)

Well I think my blogs of the last week are going to have to be in reverse order as I know a few readers are wanting to see the new scarves I got LOL!
Here is the first scarf I got in Paris at FSH - L'Ivresse d'Infini by Zoe Pauwels:-

Here is the scarf in full.

Worn Cowboy style - I love this particular corner with all its lovely colours!

Here is a different corner this one is more pink/purple.

With a Half Ascot Knot - instructions here.

Just simply tied equestrian style and the ends tied in a single knot and laid one over the other, which also highlights the contrast hem.

Just folded on the square rather than diagonal and laid around the neck.

Here are some photos of the detail of the scarf - there is a lot going on in this design!


  1. Love it , beautiful scarf and lots of versatility there: I love how some of the new scarves offer a '2 for 1 ' I tried this one in a strong aqua colour , but it wasn't good on me . This colourway is so rich ,and it'll be great all year round

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I tried this one and the green-ish one in store last week, hard to make decision.
    Can't wait to see your other picks!

  3. I can only dream about true beauty of the colours on this scarf - only Hermes can produce the colours which are so abstract, but full of life at the same moment and I absolutely adore it for colouring. Well done, Scarfie! My wallet says me to keep far away from that temptation - I am so sure I would buy this scarf if I only had a chance.

  4. Estrella - thank you - yep I know what you mean about the strength of the colours - you definitely need to try this deisgn before you buy! The aqua is lovely but maybe it suits a tanned/darker skin best? SA:-)

    Mimi - thank you - yes really hard to choose one! I liked the pruple when I first saw it on TPF and I stuck with that in the end although I had some doubts after I had bought it - but they were blown away when I had a play with it! SA:-)

    Anon - yes really hard to try to stay away from this temptation - I hope I can resist now until SS12!! I think the price rises will soon put a stop to any more! SA;-)

  5. Purple and pink, this CW was made for you! Congratulations on this fabulous piece of AW2011 silk.

  6. Thank you MaiTai - yes just my colours LOL:-) SAx