Saturday, 2 July 2011

HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco

So Monaco has its new Princess at last!  I managed to watch the whole wedding on a German TV channel.  The service itself was a little over long but it was nice.  Charlene's Armani dress was stunning - I hope it goes on display somewhere as I like to see anything like that to do with fashion/couture.  The embroidery is lovely and apparently weighs quite a bit too with all the beads, crystals and MOP on it and she did seem to have to pull hard at times as she walked along.  She had what looked like a diamond tiara at the back of her hair do, so I will be interested to see what that turns out to be.

Photo: Daily Mail
Just married: Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Charlene of Monaco leave the Prince's Palace in Monaco after their religious wedding ceremony

And that is some wedding cake!!
Photo:Paris Match
Une spectaculaire pièce montée - Albert et Charlene. Les plus belles photos du bal -


  1. Such a lovely woman and beautiful dress. I wish the couple much happiness and do hope that the rumors of trouble before the wedding are not true.

  2. Thank you for sharing, dear ScarfAddict, the Armani dress was stunning but... why does she look so miserable in all the pictures?

  3. SMR - I agree and I too hope it is all found to be false, I really worry for Charlene.

    Birkinmary - she looks miserbale I agree but the rumours that Albert has fathered more children are probably what is causing her unhappiness and no wonder she tried 3 times to escape back to South Africa! Let's hope the latest accusations are proved false by the DNA tests.

  4. After looking at Princess Catherine, I was wondering if Charlène could be as pretty as the new Princesse of Cambrige (the dress of Kate was the perfection for me). Even if the wedding dress was not so spectacular, Charlène was beautiful for her wedding. She looked very fresh and pure. I wish her a lot of happiness in her new life !

  5. Scarfmoodist - I totally agree! And wish Charlene and Albert happiness too. SA:-)