Friday, 15 July 2011

New H part 3 (of 3)

The final scarf I bought on my trip was found at the airport.  I had asked for it in the boutiques after seeing how fabulous the scarf looks worn - all credit to MaiTai! - but it was sold out in the Paris boutiques.  So here is Coupons Indiens - it was hard to choose between this colourway and another one in lovely rich golds and reds but the SA and I decided on this one because it suited my pale skin better plus it has PINK in it and you know what a sucker I am for PINK!!  The design is by Aline Honore (she of La Femme aux Semmelles de Vent and Fleurs Indiennes fame).

The whole design.

Worn in a single knot with the scarf folded on the diagonal.

Worn the same way but on the opposite diagonal - a 2 for 1 scarf!

A Half Ascot Knot - instructions here.

Worn semi Cowboy style here with the knot over the top/visible.

And here Cowboy style with the knot covered over and using a different corner of the scarf - this scarf has so many different looks thanks to its clever design.

A friendship Knot works well with the design - instructions here (the video is at the bottom of the page).

And here folded on the square and just drapped around the neck for yet another look.

A couple of close ups of some of the detail of the design.


  1. The scarf is so nice...although I have it in my scarf drawer, each time when I see its photo, I come to a conclusion that it is more beautiful than I thought last time when I saw it. You are right, it is a clever design and it makes the scarf very versatile - I really adore the stripes, which are totally different style than rest of the scarf, and rainbow of colours and samples in rest of the scarf are a fairytale on their own. Chin chin to our Coupons Indien! Maria

  2. Thank you Maria! Glad to be your scarf twin too. Yes this is stunning design with lots of ways to wear it. Salut! SAx

  3. You are very lucky to find this beautiful scarf. The colors and the design are tremendous.
    And, last but not least, you bought it in Paris (even if it is the airport) !
    I am sure it will become one of your favorites...

  4. CI is such a great design, we are scarf twins (again)! Love the colour in this one.

  5. Scarfmoodist - it will I am sure! The airports are quite good for finding previous isses so I was very glad that there was a H at CDG!!

    Claire - thank you and great to be your twin too!! It is a fab design for sure, SA:-)

  6. Congratulations, dear Scarf Addict! The colors are perfect on you, you wear this treasure beautifully!

  7. MaiTai - thank you and thank YOU for the scarf inspiration! Aline Honore certainly has a way with ethnic designs doesn't she? A treasure it certainly is. SAx

  8. This post completely revolutionized the way I look at scarves. I used to look for small, all-over patterns. Now I can see how to hide an unflattering color or just change the look by folding. Thanks so much!

    (And here's the scarf you "saved" for me!)

    :) Jen

  9. Hi Jen - thank you so much! I have popped over to your blog - well done you!! Thank goodness we saved the scarf LOL! SA:-))