Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New H part 2 (of 3)

Isn't it quiet without TPF?!!!  I am really missing it!  OK here is the next scarf I found - this was an accidental buy - the SA at Paris George V had this lying on the counter for someone else who was trying loads of scarves out and I liked the colourway, as it is not one I would normally go for.  However, Hermes seem to have been using this particular palette quite a bit this new season.  There are similar cws in L'Arbre de Vie and The Fauna & Flora of Texas as well.  Anyway here is  Dame de Coeur (A Vous l'Honneur) Noir/Anthracite/Vert Gris:-

The cards feature different creatures:-

There are a lot of sea creatures "floating" around the scarf background.

Here we can see a crab and some fish!

The Joker complete with mini Ex Libris:-

Here worn in a single knot.

And Cowboy style.

I think this colourway will be similar to the neutral La Femme aux Semmelles de Vent and will pick up on what colour you wear - another chameleon - I am hoping so anyway!


  1. Yes, yes, yes! I'm scratching my TPF tracks, jonesing for a reveal!

    Love the Dame de Coeur--lots of intriguing details and an interesting colorway. Thanks for all the photos.

  2. Oh, my dear, you are so much right - this scarf really suits to any colour and I have learnt by now there are versatile designs and versatile colours, so to say. I though that versatile designs will fulfil my desire, however I am counting the last seconds before starting my search for this scarf. It is so subtle and so rich in colouring at the same moment - true chameleon scarf.
    Don't know where to hide my wallet...
    However, so scared of your forecast for a new price increase, maybe better to buy now, when I still have the funds for it, LOL. Isn't it a typical story of a Hermes lover?

  3. Thank you Poppy - glad you like the scarf and yes there is alot going on in the detail. TPF still is not quite right tonight - am lost without it! SA :-)

    Hi Maria - thank you, glad you like the scarf! I really felt this was a classic Hermes and it looked so good on against a white shirt too that I was sold! SA:-)

  4. Hello! I found your blog today as I attempted (without success) to log on to TPF. I shall enjoy having a look at your beautiful scarves today, since it looks like our beloved TPF is not back up yet.

    I love this design and cw, and I think you are right, it does seem as though it will be a chameleon. Hopefully I will be able to find one and see for myself tomorrow when I visit H... Wish me luck!

  5. Your mention of white shirt is a cherry on the cake - I wear white shirts very often, therefore I cannot let this scarf go (I always promise to myself - this one, only this one more, I will not buy any scarf after this one, LOL). I am contemplating now how beautifully it would work with a white shirt. My list of H boutiques is ready, will keep you informed about my hunt. Maria

  6. Adventures of Lilibet - thank you!! SA:-)

    MiCorazon - Glad the lack of TPF lead you to find the blog! Life without TPF is "terrible" isn't it LOL! Oh I do hope you find a scarf today - happy hunting and let us know what you get! SA:-)

    Maria - yes the white shirt looks great as a backdrop to so many things! It certainly showed this scarf off well. SAx

  7. I love this one too , and it so surpasses my expectations . The colours are subtle and mysterious , I'm sure you'll love wearing it .
    I think it's by Pierre Marie? He designed L'Ombrelle Magique .

  8. Thank you Estrella - you are correct it is Pierre Marie design. There is a lot going on in this design when you look closely - it is fun finding all the things in it, SA:-)

  9. You have been on a roll, dear Scarf Addict! Congrats on this beauty, it looks fab on you. Thanks for sharing the detail pics, the playing cards are simply gorgeous.

  10. LOL MaiTai I have been on a scarf roll!! This was such an unexpected buy, but the cw is so amazing and looked so smart/classic on in the boutique I could not bear to leave it! I would recommend trying it on for sure. The details are great too and you could spend ages looking at the scarf! Sa:-))

  11. This scarf is gorgeous!! Congratulations! I love the idea of putting animals on playing cards (especially joker as a horse) =)

  12. Thank you Mitchin there is so much detail to see on this scarf! SA:-)