Sunday, 24 July 2011

Paris Montmartre, Rue des Martyrs & more cakes!

No trip of mine to Paris is ever complete until I have been up to Montmartre and the Place du Tertre - I love the astmosphere up there.

My favourite restaurant for onion soup does not open for lunch so I had to make do with another - it was good but not AS good as my regular haunt!

The main was OK but the dessert of nougat ice cream and raspberry coulis was rather nice!

After lunch in the Place du Tertre I wandered back down to town via Rue des Martyrs which is full of little shops - especially grocers and pastisseries:-

The offerings from Del Montel...oooh la la!

And one of Del Montel's competitors down the street!

I like how all the fruits and vegetables are all beautifully displayed - it must take ages to set up!

And one I got one cake from the shop opposite my hotel - delish!


  1. Dear Scarf Addict,

    It all looks SO wonderful! Thank you for sharing your special time in Paris with us...

    Love always,


  2. Thank you PP - you'll just HAVE to go;-) SAx

  3. I HATE finding pics of yummy Parisian treats like these when I am not there!! :D

    Thanks for sharing these tasty delights!! I actually have never been to that restaurant and I have bookmarked this post to remember for next time!!

  4. Hi La Professionelle - oops the photo at the top is just of "A" building not the restaurant! The one where I had the soup pictured was the Gascoigne on Place du Tertre but the one for the BEST soup is Restaurant Le Durer on Rue Yvonne Le Tac just 1 minute from the Abesses Metro station - come out of the Metro and go down/left and you are on Rue Yvonne le Tac - the Durer is on the right hand side and seems to only be open evenings. Enjoy!! SA:-)

  5. :D Thanks for the tip and clarification!! <3