Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Diamond Jubilee

I was in London last weekend for the ballet and had some free time - London was just a spectacular place to be ahead of the Queen's Jubilee - it was such a happy sunny atmosphere with everywhere decked out in our national flag and royal or red/white/blue themes.
Starting off in Sloane Square this was fabulous because it coincided with the Chelsea Flower Show so all the shops had floral themes - some of which were quite extravagant:-
In the Duke of York Square:-
Liz Earle - a herb/botanicals street party 
with a replica of a floral crown from
 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.  
The street party continued inside the shop.

A close up of the crown made of flowers
Anyone for tea?
Cup cakes for customers - here's mine it
was delish!
Mary Quant

Out in Sloane Square itself the DoDo Shop.
Tiffany's Sloane Street stunning white floral 
display set on a Diamond shaped frame!

Flowers outside Cartier.
Pringle - cute Corgis!
Beautiful entrance but I can't remember
the name of the shop!

An amazing floral guard outside
Their pictorial tribute to the Queen

The guard on the other side of
the door!
My favourite I think - Smythsons gorgeous
pastel window with floral bunting!  Look closely
and you see Buckingham Palace and the 
Victoria Monument.  Diamonds and the Crown
Jewels adorn the flowers.
The other side of the door.

A close up of the beautiful floral bunting.
I adore those green carnations which 
look fab with pink!
Jo Malone's amazing red, white and
blue gardening display!  I like the way
the flowers spill out of the gloved
hand and out into the window and
onwards to the street!  Clever!

Boodles the jewellers.
After the ballet I walked to Piccadilly 
which took me past Leicester Square -
here is China Town.

Leicester Square Area all flagged out!

Leicester Square outside Swiss House

Fortnum and Mason's bunting across Piccadilly

Old Bond Street looking towards Piccadilly.

Bond Street looking towards Oxford Street.

As you can see London was looking great last weekend.  I am just waiting to watch the Jubliee River Pageant this afternoon but sadly today the rain is spoiling it all!  If only the party has been last weekend when it was warm and sunny!  I have some more photos to share which I will blog shortly,meanwhile I hope you liked seeing London as it was last weekend! 


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely pictures. Such a shame indeed that the pageant was not last weekend, none the less, we had a party planned for this morning and we carried on with the TV covering every splendid moment of the pageant. The younger generation specially enjoyed it, many questions asked and tweeted back and forth from England as the day went on, coverage here ended around 3pm. Wonderful time was had by all. We were all agreed that the Queen looked splendid in her all white outfit and we all marvelled at her and prince Phillip's stamina. As her loyal subjects here in Canada we raised our glasses and wished her well for many many more years!
    Looking forward to your next post, thank you again for taking the trouble to post all these lovely pictures for us.


    1. Thank you SO much Connie it is my pleasure! And I am thrilled to hear from someone in Canada and to know you have had as much fun as us here in the UK! Best wishes from one royalist to another! SAx

  2. The unidentified store is Zadig and Voltaire. Used Google maps, street view, to determine. Gorgeous images!!

    1. Oh wow great thank you for that info - great idea to use the street view on Google!! Not much you can't find out from the net is there LOL?! Thanks again, SA:-)

  3. Fantastic pics as always! They really made a nice effort in London for the jubilee

    1. Thank you Elle - London was fab indeed! SAx

  4. We had the BEST dim sum in Leicester in March. Some hell hole with amazing food. Pays to know the locals.

    1. Just shows you can't judge a book by its cover! SA

  5. Dear Scarf Addict,

    Oh WOW! Isn't London superb in all its splendor. It's wonderful to see the effort that everyone's going to. I am sorry to have missed London it looks glorious.

    Very fitting for someone who has dedicated their life to us all ~ our Queen is an amazing Lady.

    I feel VERY proud to be British. We've certainly put the great back into Britain!


  6. Thank you PP - I wish you could have been with me to see London it was really so lovely! Everyone has made such an effort it is lovely. I think the Jubilee had reignited national pride and not before time! Queen has been terrific throughout!