Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee Scarf

To honour the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Hermes have issued a special limited edition scarf - only 200 scarves have been made and they are all but sold out.  I rang around and managed to get one yesterday from my "local" Hermes in Manchester - quite a long journey there actually!  Anyway here goes see what you think:-
OK so it's a bag!
But we have to do this!
And the box...

What's peeping?

A little more....

Ta-da!  Grand Tenue by Hubert d'Origny

This edition bears the above wording
 in place of "Grand Tenue"

The cw is Mastic/Vieux Rose/Vert

The designer.

Close up of the central design including
crowns and other heraldic motifs

A-symetrical Half Ascot knot

Cossack style

Friendship Knot - I think this works
very well with this design

A lovely half bow knot with
MT Collection horn scarf ring

Equestrian style secured with MTC ring again.

Double Twist Knot

Cowboy with end fixed with Mother of Pearl
MTC moyenne scarf ring

Here I folded the scarf on the rectangle
and used a grande MTC scarf ring to do 

a crossover "knot"

Instructions for tying can be found in the links at the right hand side near the top.
I have to confess that I think it was the colour of my cardigan is what sold me this colourway!  I was lucky that Manchester had both cws to choose from - the other is a brighter stronger cw in fuschia with browns and oranges.  Anyway this was an unexpected addition to my large collection of scarves.
Next time...Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend!


  1. May I be the very first to congratulate you dear Scarf Addict! This color way and design was made for you! Keep fingers crossed for me - and I would love to know how the store prevented all the H ladies from rushing at them all at once for this special edition! Brava!

  2. Thank you Lanit! Glad to hear you have now secured a scarf now it is just getting it to you! Just shows where there's a will there's a way! Brava to you too! SAx

  3. Congratulations! beautiful and suits your wardrobe so well.. It does look great in friendship knot and with the scarf rings you have found a very collectible winner!

  4. Congratulations!! It looks stunning with your cardigan!

  5. Wow! How lucky you are!!! Cogratulations! Love its softness color!

    1. Thank you Iris, I was indeed lucky to catch this before they were all sold! SA:-)

  6. I'm in complete agreement: perfect pink for you and beautiful in the friendship knot.

    Congratulations - you will certainly treasure this one and it will give you happy Jubilee memories for very many years.

  7. Thank you Pussywillow, it';s a nice one to have in the collection! SA:-)

  8. I love your new scarf, it has a heavenly combination of colours and is so you.

  9. I was given this scarf as a gift. Mine is fuchsia. Actually, I thought that only 100 were made. 200? What is a scarf like this worth? I was considering selling mine. It has never been worn. Thanks for the advice.

  10. I would imagine that they made 100 of each of the 2 colours hence the 200. They are nearly sold out and have not been around that long. A 90cm new is £280.00 so that is the retail value. You can swap at Hermes if the scarf is current or no more than 3 seasons old I think - other scarfies will correct me if I am wrong. Whether the scarf will be a collectors item I don't know but there is a good chance it will - it is not my favourite design at all I got it more because it is nice to have in my collection. Hope that helps! SA:-)