Saturday, 9 June 2012

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Jaeger have made a limited edition scarf for the Jubilee as well:-
"Diamond" - very aptly named!
The design features pictures of beautiful diamonds.

The background is very very pale (shell) pink.
Title and the "Romance" Card.

Inside of the "romance" card.

Simply worn with Hermes Cheval Scarf Ring.

Equestrian style with moyenne Mother of Pearl
 scarf ring from MT Collection

Worn Crossover style using scarf ring.

Double Twist knot.

Friendship Knot.

Half Ascot Knot.

Cossack Style.

Half Bow using scarf ring.

A longer look Crossover knot. 

Rectangular shoulder fold used to create a
larger bow look with Hermes scarf ring.

Just draped around shoulder folded on the rectangle.
And the same fold just tucked inside V neck.

And with a single knot put into it.

I hope you liked my Diamonds scarf!


  1. My diamonds scarf looks great! It's an excellent design idea! Congratulations!

    1. Hi Tereza - thank you and yes I think it was a clever idea to print diamonds on a scarf too! I loved it as soon as I saw it! SA:-)

  2. Oh, what a nice scarf and what a nice outfit! I am delighted - am I allowed to say that, in my opinion, Jaeger did a better job than Hermes; or you might did an excellent job putting the outfit together and it makes a big difference? Well, you know that I have the same cardigan (thank you) as you in the previous thread, therefore I might be delighted to write a poem about something I do not have (this cardigan and this scarf paired up together):) Enjoy, you did a wonderful job. Love, M.

    1. Hi M - yes of course you can say that - as you know I have broadened my scarf horizons now that H are so expensive - there are lots of lovelies out there! I loved this design as soon as I saw picture in Hello Magazine so I had to have it! Glad you like! SAx

  3. Your new Diamonds scarf looks to have a beautiful sheen, and drape, congratulations! And knowing you've ventured away from Hermes a bit recently, how do you find the other brands you've bought compare to Hermes silk twills? NN

  4. Thank you NN - yes this scarf has a very beautiful sheen - very slippery to the feel but easy to snag I dare say!! I would say that Hermes are by far and away the heaviest weight the Dior and Jaeger are lighter weight but for summer wear that is no bad thing:-)

  5. I like the cossack knot the best for this scarf: I am so grateful for your explanation of this one. Having tried and failed on several attempts, your instruction got me off the starter blocks and it is one of my favourite scarf knots.

    Well done for continuing to research and purchase outside of Hermes and feeding back to us about your observations on design, silk weight and versatility: much appreciated by the shop-averse of your followers (maybe I'm the only one!!).

    I note the new season H scarves are popping up online: waiting to be hit by the inevitable price increase with a heavy heart :(

  6. Thank you Pussywillow!
    Happy also that the explanation helped I love the Cossack! Glad you find my scarf departures interesting! I was surprised that the 90cm Dior are £300 though so I guess H won;t be far behind. They really are a considered purchase now. SAx

  7. Oh fab!! cannot go wrong with diamonds!. Reminds me a little of the Cartier jewellery scarves, I especially like the "Love Bangle" scarf they make....

    Enjoy your lovely scarf!