Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lunch at 125m

I don't like queues or crowds. Problem. How to get up the Eiffel Tower avoiding both?!  Simple answer book yourself in for lunch at the Jules Verne Restaurant which has a private lift to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower! The restaurant is one of chef Alain Ducasse's chain.  If you go for lunch it is not actually that expensive and you get free entry to the Tower.  I did this a few times a few years ago, so it was time to revisit the recently revamped restaurant again.  So in May I took myself to Paris on a day trip for lunch - "as you do"!  

It was an early morning flight 06.50 from Manchester!
La Tour Eiffel!
Inside the private entrance there is 
a display to show where the lift is.  
Here you can see it is at the top where 
the red light is showing.
View up the lift shaft as 
the lift starts up the tower.
The direction steepens!
Looking down through the iron work
to the ground below. You can see the first 
floor too.
A peek at the views across Paris.
Up the last bit really steep/straight
up now.
More views - wow!
My table and settings......
The plate matches the ceiling!
Miniature cutlery against a £1 coin - it was
not for use!
Champagne aperitf -Alain Ducasse's 
own label and very nice it was too.
Some cheesy sticks to nibble.
Amuse bouche - pea puree with "marmalade"
Tiny croutons and leaves garnish the dish.
My starter of fois gras and crayfish- delicious....
from the other side!  it was quite a picture!
A fancy shaped croissant bread!
Lovely home made bread roll with olives.
The main course of lamb with artichoke - it was
Dessert was the best!  Mango praline
tart with....
Mango granite...the combo was DIVINE!
To finish with my tea I was given marshmallows
 - which are not a favourite of mine -  they were 
made with rose water which was far 
too strong for my taste - I only ate one -
never again.
Bitter Chocolate cubes on the left.
The petit fours were not to my taste either 
normally, I would have eaten the lot had the 
flavours been normal but these were a bit too 
experimental!  I just tried each one but did not 
want to eat the others :-( 
The entrance to the restaurant if you go 
outside on the Tower.
The top of the menu board.
As I left I was given some 
they are a bit squashed from the 
journey but they were nice.

 Next time I'll post my photos from the Tower and my day in Paris!


  1. Ooh la la! What a great way to do the Eiffel Tower without the crowds!

    The food looks lovely, but I do hate it when they go a step too far and make things oh so fancy. I like the classics done to pasta at Marcus Wareing ~ divine!!!

    My "French" bag of goodies is coming with me to bed tonight...thank you again SA!!!

    Much love,


  2. Thanks PP and you're muchly welcome;-) SAx

  3. What a great time you had! I always enjoy reading about the delicious meals you've been tasting .What is the restaraunt called ?
    We enjoy eating at Le Train Bleu in Gare de Lyons ,roccoco and full of atmosphere, Likewise La Coupole more for the decor and ambience of fin de siecle Paris,
    I rarely eat out 'high end' now , but did a lot of it in the past and thoroughly enjoyed most of it . Don't miss it really : anyway I can always read your reviews!
    I shall be experimenting with making that pud ma facon is one of my fave flavours

    1. Hi Estrella - I must try that Train Bleu one of these days. I would like to try Lascerre which I saw is near the Grand/Petit Palais. The Eiffel tower restaurant is Le Jules Verne on the 2nd floor but they also own the one on the first floor now too. You can find them on the website
      That dessert was so divine I sent compliments to the pastry chef! SAx

  4. Yum (miam) SA. Your lunch looks and sounds wonderful, except maybe for the marshmallows and the petit fours. What a decadent way to enjoy the Eiffel Tower. Looking forward to your next post with Paris photos.

  5. Hi SMR - it was all good except those experimental petit fours LOL! Will try to post the pics soon! SAx

  6. Looks beautiful! I must add to my "to do" list! the flights are so convenient - Paris is so close in one respect...

    Look forward to seeing more of your Paris adventure!

    Elle x

  7. thanks for sharing.