Monday, 4 June 2012

The Harrods Jubilee Tribute

Harrods windows were a wonderful tribute to the Queen and her Jubilee - they had asked 31 designers to make their own interpretation of the Queen's Crown and these are displayed in individual windows along the length of Knightsbridge.  Then they had a spectacular replica of the Queen's Coronation dress.  Let's have a look:-

Salvatore Ferragamo

Roja Dove

Jo Malone

My favourite I think - Roberto Cavalli

Paul Smith

Harrods done out in red white and
blue you can just make out the red
windows in which the crowns are shown
A copy of the real crown sits next
 to the replica Coronation Dress:-
The wonderful replica dress.

Here you can make out the credits on the 
window whilst admiring the dress and its train.

The bodice - you can see Welsh 
Leeks just below the waist.
Embroidery detail - here the thistle
 of Scotland along with pearl beading. 

Irish Shamrocks.

Rose of England on the shoulders.

The flowers embroidered on the dress
acknowledge all nations of the Commonwealth:
English roses, Canadian Maple, the NZ wattle(?), you
can see Mimosa.  I need to find out more details! 

Here you can see the beading and more flowers.
Seen from inside the store.
I think you will agree this is one magnificent dress.  I was lucky enough to see the original at Buckingham Palace a few years ago and the detail and thought that went into the design are amazing.  The Queen went on to wear the dress on many tours abroad following  her Coronation.

Sadly as I write, Prince Philip is in hospital - no wonder considering the hours he stood in the cold and the wet at the River Pageant yesterday - so I hope he gets well soon so that he and the Queen are reunited.  She looks so odd without him next to her.

Tuesday sees the carriage procession so I shall be watching that on TV.  Hope you enjoyed seeing the dress and crowns from Harrods.


  1. Dear Scarf Addict,

    Another beautiful post! Thank you. The Coronation dress is SO detailed!!!

    I agree HM looks lost without Philip beside her :-( hopefully he'll be back soon ~ their stamina is unbelievable.

    I think the Queen has looked amazing all weekend and to have worn the Cullinan brooch this weekend ~ WOW.


    1. Thank you PP! Yes the Cullinan brooch looked fab only a few carats LOL! Agree her stamina puts us all in the shade! SAxx

  2. Dear Scarf Addict,
    I so enjoy your blog, and am finally writing to thank you for all your wonderful posts, greatly appreciated!

    1. Ah that is so lovely to hear, thank you NiniNotes. Glad you like! "Luckily" it is rainging so I have some more time to blog LOL! SAx