Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hit the Paris Shops....

After the Eiffel Tower I wandered off into town (with a little help from a bus) and went to Dior HQ at Ave Montaigne and Hermes HQ at Faubourg St Honore:-
The Jacaranda in bloom.

The beautiful Square near Dior

Gorgeous roses cascading over railings.

The PINK roses close up - TDF!

Other side of the Square

Dior HQ
Lovely Lady Dior bags etc..

More chic windows

The front door - dare I go in?

The H Horseman with his Cuirs Deserts scarves

Unusual moving coloured powder window displays at FSH.

All the colours of the rainbow.

More of the powder/sand displays while rotated.

And green....
.....Some pinky purple goodies......
....a big pink one!

Next time we'll see what's in the bag!


  1. More beautiful photos, and can't wait to see what came home with you! NN

  2. Just catching up! love the Dior windows! x

  3. Gorgeous windows and colors. Thank you for sharing your Paris pictures. The Dior window with the skirt and peplum top is my absolute favorite. The suit is beautifully cut and simple, but perfect. Sigh.

    1. Yes SMR the clothes are TDF - I was so impressed with the service too I am sure the SA would have shown me round had I asked LOL!