Sunday, 3 March 2013

Carnevale - Venice Trip Part 2

As you now Carnevale is my favourite time in Venice and I love to see all the wonderful costumes that visitors wear - here is just a "small" selection of what I saw, I will post some more in the next post as there were so many fabulous creations to see - we'll start with my favourite couple of the trip who just happen to be in my favourite colour PINK!
Fabulous in pink and silver!

An elegant lady.


The circus - a very clever costume 
close up. Note the tiger slippers!

2 of 3 Pomeranians dressed for Carnevale!

All 3, with their owners, in a pram!

This lovely dog had a butterfly clip o
her sweet!

The Snow Queen?

This lady had serious headdress 
malfunction and it took a bit of effort 
to get this headdress to behave!

Carousel - these were 2 fabulous 
costumes the detail was great
and the carousel on the man's  
walking stick wound up like a 
music box (no music) great idea! 
The panels on the edges of the 
carousel canopies/skirts also had 
paintings of Venice landmarks on 
them.  If you blow up the picture you 
can just make this out. 

This costume lit up - all the little
"Ferrero Rocher"look alikes lit up!

Miss Autumn had a cute Squirrel 
in her crystal ball.

At the Bridge of Sighs.

Almost a Joan Collins lookalike?!

This man wore a huge Peacock was big and heavy so 
it needed a man to wear it!

Close up you can see he has a REAL
stuffed Peacock attached to his
outfit - amazing!


  1. I am always so excited when I see you have posted. Thank you for sharing the places I dream of visiting. Beautiful photos!

  2. Thank you so much for you kind words EM! Glad you have enjoyed the photos in this post! SAxx

  3. Thank you again, for sharing your beautiful photos. :-) The costumes are so incredible, and elaborate! I can only imagine the time and effort taken to create them. Must be other-wordly to be surrounded by them, while there! Do you go each year...and do you wear a mask and costume?

    1. Hi NiniNotes - thank you! Yes I try to go each year and no I have not - so far - worn a mask and costume - I think I would like to one day - must be weird though having people clamouring to take your photo like a celebrity LOL! SA:-)