Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Carnevale - Venice Trip Part 3

And a few more carnival people....

Another massive outfit!

This lady was lovely I sent her my pics!

By the Bridge of Sighs.

Lovely Carnival doggie!

Marie Anotinette

Marie Antoinette another day another colour.

Madame's ship ahoy headdress!

The little ones get in on the fun!

This little boy was sooo cute!

Another carnival dog takes part in the best outfit competition!!


  1. More extraordinary costumes and photos! I love that dogs and kids are included in the fun. I was hoping your Venice trip would be covered in a number of posts, as these are so fun to see! :-)

    1. Hi NiniNotes - thank you - there are a few more posts drafted so I will be posting them shortly - hope you will like! SAx

  2. I love the second little boy! He looks like an umpa lumpa from Willy Wonka - any other front shots of him??


    1. Hi PP - I may have another pic but his outfit was soooo cute! Ooompa Lumpa is a good description!! SAxx