Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Venitian Glass

Back to Venice which is famous for its Murano glass - nowadays you need to be careful that you are not buying cheap imitations from China - you need to look for the Murano glass stamp.  Generally though the price is a big clue! Here are some of the lovely items you can buy:-

Fabulous handmade shells - I adore these!

And the mushrooms are so cute too!  
I have these at home.
A lovely large heart.

Lovely millefiori pendants.

Fabulous fish!

Hearts and cherries.

Some of the glass bead jewellery you can buy.

A lovely modern style necklace by Le Perle.
I brought some of these home. 

And some of their other designs.

My purchases!
No surprise a pink necklace.

Here you can see the shimmer and patterns
in the glass.

And I had to have this lovely red one!


  1. I have some old Murano beads I wear in bracelets. Murano glass is unbeatable :-)
    Thanks for the lovely photos! Have a HAPPY day :-)

    1. Hi Happy!! Hope you are good - glad you like the pics, I agree the Murano glass is fab! SAx

  2. Wow, both of your necklaces are so lovely! I love also the Venetian glass accessories, they are modern and their colors are sublime! Love especially your second one, all details, colors and balance, are impeccable!

    1. Hi Iris thank you! Glad you like. It was so hard to choose which necklaces to have they are all so pretty!! SAx

  3. thanks for share....