Monday, 11 March 2013

Stop Press - Paris!

Just interrupting my Venice posts as I thought everyone would like to see the latest from Paris - I made a quick day trip over to Paris on Friday - main aim to see an exhibition I missed when I was there at New Year and to see the Cherie Bow display at Dior Av Montaigne.  However after reading Tripadvisor I discovered that my favourite bistro might just be open for lunch in Montmartre as well so I had to pack in a lot of things in the short time I had - first stop was a shoe shop but the shoes were 2 different sizes when I got home (big sigh)- so I have to return them in April when I visit again for a weekend!!!! Next stop was Hermes FSH and the windows have been re done since my last visit:-
Astrologies Nouvelles

New design chinaware

A beautiful agate

The red window

The tan window

Greys and neutrals

Leather Miners Lamps!

Other leather goods

A graffiti bag in the big main window

The main display a winged motorcycle.

What can't you do with leather?!

The bike side on - very difficult 
to photograph!

From the front

A blazing winged saddle!

Sorry for the reflection but you can
see the wings a bit better here.

The bike theme carried on in the jewellery window.
A lovely wicker Kelly in the.......

....Green window - though I am not too 
keen on the scarf!


In the Village Royal some Dior handbags

The Dior mannequin has green crystals on her 
eyes - enlarge to see!

Spanish themed Ralph Lauren 
over in S Germain
Ralph Lauren -I love this 
Flamenco picture!

Dior Av Montaigne

The new Dior Bag - hmm not sure about it.

Love the white Dior jacket!

Hermes at the airport

A nod to Amsterdam


There is a huge launch for the new Miss Dior 
perfume everywhere you go at home and 
abroad - here the window at the airport

Suck a pretty display

I love how the bottle has the Dior check on the base.

And Hermes' new perfume is actually really nice! Not a "headachey" one like a lot of their other ones - this is lighter and fresher.

Hermes at the airport had these.......

a beautiful "tablet" to spray perfume onto to 
scent your surroundings I guess - I asked if 
I may have one and was given this....
...the back is engraved with the name
Lovely details on the envelope and Dior have 
lovely sample cards too with bottles embossed.

No trip is complete without picking up some 
macaroons - these are from Grand Epicerie
 - I prefer these to Laduree as they are less
OTT with their flavours.


  1. What a great report from Paris! Fab pics as usual, so good to see, I am soo overdue a visit but your pics have kept me going until I do!

    I love the RL windows btw, Elle x

    1. Hi Elle - glad you like! Happy to keep you topped up on Paris! SAxx

  2. What fun, I love seeing the window displays! Many thanks for sharing your trip with us. I'm hoping seeing the Quadrige scarf in the window might mean the GM dip dyes in that pattern will actually arrive this season! That colorway will not work for me, but have high hopes that one will. Did you spy any in your travels? And I agree, the new Jour d'Hermes is a lovely scent, and the bottle is gorgeous, too! So sorry about the shoes, what a bother!

    1. Hi NiniNotes - I hope you find your Quadrige, no I didn't see any on my travels. I must try the perfume again and maybe buy it next time I am at an airport!! Oh the shoes will get sorted just annoyed that I can't be wearing them in the meantime!! SAxx

  3. Wonderful pictures from Paris! Thanks for taking and showing them to us.
    The new Hermès scent is lovely.
    Beware of spraying the little white Jour d'Hermès "tile" with fragrance, as the perfume will stain it :-(
    Have a very HAPPY week :-)

    1. Hi Happy - oh no too late I sprayed it in the shop!! It looks OK for now - maybe I can wash it out as it looks porous? Nevermind it was free! Glad you enjoyed the photos! Happy wishes to you too, SAx

  4. After seeing this post I rushed to buy the lovely carré Hermès le mors à la Conétable in neutral tones..... just stuning. I usually never leave a comment but read all of your posts with so much pleasure. Thanks for all these nice moments.

    1. OMG C wow! Hope you are happy with your purchase - the ones in the windows were like 140cm size, but I have seen that cw in a 90 and it IS rather lovely! Thank you for taking the time to comment and for reading my humble blog, SAx

    2. I confirm the 90 is very nice. I just realized that you are also responsible of the purchase for Trésors Retrouvés in rose Indien ! Not sure you are my wallet's friend but I do appreciate to be twin with you for some of our silk "folies".