Saturday, 16 March 2013

Goodies from Venice

I got a few nice things in Venice:-

I like to buy local art - this tiny picture caught my eye.
I found a lovely silk crepe scarf with pansies on....

and the shop had a matching raspberry fur collar.....
It was a bargain €19 reduced from €99!!!!!

and has a useful clip on the underside.

I missed Pegase but found an "alike" at Trevisan.

I really like this colour.

My red Murano glass necklace (as before)

And my pink necklace.



  1. Wow, all I can say is YUM - I want a raspberry fur collar too!!! And the scarves too, not that I'm greedy (much)... The dear little picture is a charmer; I like to buy local art when I travel too. Happy days!

    1. Hi Patricia - oh it was love at first sight when the SA showed me that collar!! I've been wanting that colour for ages! Glad you like! SAx

  2. Sorry you weren't at the meet on Saturday, but I see why now! Looks like you are having a fab time. When you get back, you must go see the Dior exhibition at Harrods on 4th floor as it is right up your street.

    1. LOL cvw - I am home but had to pass on Saturday because I had to go to London on the Sunday for an auction preview which was Sunday - Tuesday, so I just had time to nip over to Harrods and saw Dior - what can I say? fab-u-lous! Will be going again! Hope you all had a lovely time on Saturday! SAxx

  3. Hi, can we expect some modelling photos of the nice new scarf and fur collar? I like them and would like to see how they work "in reality". Hugs, M.

  4. Hi M - yes I will post some pics. SAx