Friday, 15 March 2013

The Food of Venice

The foodie shops of Venice make for some delicious looking photos:-
The Rialto Market

Lovely dried spices - reminds me of the 
Hermes Aux Pays d'Epices scarf!

Nuts, sun dried tomatoes, fruits....

Fruits and beans

Fresh squid and fish

Lovely selection of cabbage, Romaneso 
cauliflowers etc


A delicatessen with lots of fabulous hams!

The cheese shop!

Semifredo ice cream "cake"

Traditional ice creams.

Italian cakes and biscuits.

Marzipan and glace fruits.

Fabulous coloured pastas!

Every colour and shape possible!
My ice cream - Strawberry and 
Crema del Doge - delish!


  1. Great posts, as all of your posts are.

    This one last picture ist the best of all: taking me instantly back to the age of 9 when i went to italy / venice for the first time in my life. only my first ice cream at san marco was 'strawberry' cream paired with a kermittish-green 'pistachio', and certaily at least double that size. but at the age of 9 .... bigger is better!

    1. Thank you edoep! Oh the ice cream is TDF for sure! I love the pistachio and nocciolo as well yum!!