Monday, 18 March 2013

Farewell to Venice

Well it's time to finish off the Venice trip so here are a last few pics.....I visited the Doges Palace whilst in Venice which gave a few different views:-
The main courtyard.
The Bridge of Sighs.

The view from inside the Bridge of Sighs across to
S Giorgio Maggiore - this is the last view the 
prisoners would have seen on their way to be 
incarcerated - hence the name "Bridge of Sighs" 
as the prisoners would sigh at their last glimpse 
of Venice.

The beautiful marble stairway.

The Palace Courtyard

Venice Street by night.
Cafe Quadri (I think) at the end of the day!
On the last day there was an 
Aqua Alta with resulting floods 
in St Marks Square - it made 
for some lovely photos!

The Basilica reflected.
The Square like a mirror!

Here you can make out the water draining away 
as the tide recedes.
Snowy white gulls replaced the grubby
pigeons in the Square!

My trip back to the airport took me up 
the Grand Canal.

A large gondola - Traggetto - a public 
bus equivalent!

Approaching the Rialto again.
The magnificent sunset as I arrived at the airport. 
A fitting end to my trip!


  1. Beautiful photos - I really enjoyed them. Susan

  2. So very generous of you SA, to take us along on your Venice holiday! :-) I enjoyed every bit of it!

  3. Really beautiful, especially the Aqua Alta!


    1. Hi PP - thank s- the mirror effect in the water were fab! SAxx