Sunday, 21 February 2010

Venice & The Rialto Market

While on my trip to Venice I could not miss a visit to the Rialto Market. Anyone who knows me will know just how much I adore fresh food markets because they just do not exist in England in quite the same way as they do in Italy, France, Germany etc....there is just something so wonderful about seeing fresh produce beautifully displayed and the only sad thing is that being on holiday I had no need to buy anything!! Anyway here are some photos I took at the Rialto...

Fabulous fresh vegetables
Beautiful colourful fruits!
Artichokes carefully prepared and kept in water.

Anyone for beans?

Cute round zucchinis!

Amazing fungi - very uniform!!
See what I mean about presentation?
Fabulous fish.

Pass me my sword......what a spectacle this sword fish was!

         Octopus, crab and whitebait(?)
I hope you enjoyed this little trip around the Rialto Market - ciao!!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Venice & The Venice Carnevale 2010

I returned from my little trip to the Venice Carnevale a few days ago.  As usual there were so many wonderful things to see and fabulous Carnevale characters to see that I ended up taking over 1200 photographs!  Good job my camera chip is BIG!  So what I can share here really is the tip of the ice berg.  A lot of Venice is covered up again and undergoing renovation work, which is a pity for sightseers, albeit very necessary.

The weather was lovely when I arrived in Venice but being the first Sunday of Carnevale the city was really crowded. 

Friday, 12 February 2010

Plisse & Pleats Day

We are having a Plisse and Pleats Day on TPF today so I am wearing my new plisse that I was lucky enough to find on my trip to Venice this week.  The design is called La Legende du Poisson Corail and is by the designer Christine Henry.  The pattern represents a coral atol and lots of fish hiding in the reef - the shimmering water is represented by flecks of colour and each corner features a flying fish to symbolise the relationship between heaven and the sea.  I was not very fond of the desing in the flat but when I asked if the Hermes boutique had any pink plisses this is what the SA showed me and I loved it!

I am wearing the scarf in a flower knot today (first picture) but I tried out some other looks which I show below:

Friendship Knot

You can wear the plisse as a lovely shawl if you are going out in the evening - I fixed this again with a scarf ring in a small flower knot.  This shows of the circular design of this plisse really well too - IMHO!
And another flower knot - just to show how the knot never looks exactly the same each time you do it!!
Hope you found some inspiration!!