Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Little Autumn Adventure

A couple of weeks ago myself and 2 colleagues headed to the railway and travelled way up north to Scotland.  It took all day to get to our eventual destination.  First stop en route though was a lovely afternoon tea in Glasgow and a little bit of shopping (they have a Hermes inside House of Fraser;-))!

We went to the Cup Tea Lounge in Renfield Street and were not disappointed.  Just be aware that you only have your table for 90 minutes and you will be fine!  Now the Scots are noted for their sweet tooth so the goodies did not let them down:-

The stylish interior of the
Cup Tea Lounge
The well stocked bar and note the Victorian tiles.
A cool flute of prosecco.

The dinkiest of milk bottles which you can buy 
in the shop, although I don't take milk!

The cake tier - vanilla cup cake, lemon possett, 
meringue, fruit loaf and shortbread.  The fruit loaf 
was so moist it was divine!  I just wish one had 
been allowed to choose the cup cake given the 
selection they offer in the shop - see below.
The yummy sandwich selection - hot smoked 
salmon, ham, egg,served on brioche rolls.

Plain and fruit scones brought to you warm from 
the oven with the signature jam of the Lounge, 
whipped and clotted cream.
The non afternoon tea - my friend had a ham 
sandwich/toasty served with a lovely fresh salad.

And I think my friend's cup cake was caramel - yum!
The cup cakes you can choose from to eat
in or take away!
This is making me feel hungry!

You can check out the fabulous range on their website

The main street in Glasgow - 
Buchanon St where all the big shops are.

A stunning peacock sculpture graces one
of the shop fronts.

We really enjoyed our stop over in Glasgow 
and I will definitely revisit Glasgow soon!  But we 
had to go for our next train to take us far up North......