Monday, 5 October 2015

Plisse Playtime

Some time ago I acquired this beautiful cerise plisse version of Aux Pays d'Epices.  I had been looking for one in a brighter colourway and this fitted the bill, although I would still like a flat one really;-) Anyway as today was a slow autumnal day I decided to hunt this plisse out and have a play with it:-

The full scarf.

Circles containing  details of spices etc..
encircle the design.

Lots of dried spices and nuts (nutmeg?)
make up the design.

I think it's a pretty colourway.
Just wrapped around with the tails
tucked inside.

Butterfly knot with scarf ring.

Butterfly knot with scarf ring and a
single knot.

A single knot tied using only the very edges 
of the hem to get this effect

Scarf ring used to loop the scarf 
ends through to make a bow.

Here I slightly lengthened the bows 
by pulling them out a bit more - and 
you can just see the ring here too.

Half bow knot with scarf ring.

Just playing here to see what works I folded 
the scarf across the middle and tied as per a 
Cossack - it felt a bit bulky but if you want a 
warm neck or cowl collar look this would 
work well!!

Again purely playing - this is folded as if you had a 
90cm folded in half on the square (not diagonal) 
then I put it round my neck and pulled the ends 
through a ring - just like the a-symmetrcial knot the 
only difference being I didn't fold opposite corners 
to make a diagonal before putting round my neck.  
A bit flouncy but if that's a look you want it works.

Friendship Knot

This is a single knot tied in the front of the scarf 
before putting round the neck.  I have hidden the 
ends inside the roll and tied them together inside 
the roll to stop them falling out

The 2 ring slide which works well.

Hope you like some of the ideas here!