Sunday, 28 March 2010

Les Domes Celestes

Last weekend I was very lucky find the exact colourway of Les Domes Celestes that I have been looking for - I chose the design over 2 other scarves that I liked, but when I saw them in real life it was Les Domes Celestes that had to come home with me!  Here are a few photos  revealing the incredible detail of this design by Annie Faivre - including her trademark monkey.

The designer's trade mark monkey:

Here worn with my Bolduc scarf ring to make a bow.
A Friendship Knot

I really like the colours in this scarf and the detail picture of this Friendship Knot shows them off perfectly!
Worn Cowboy Knot style.

Here I have worn the scarf Equestrian Style but then used the Bolduc ring again to make the bow with the ends so it is kind of a 2 in 1 look!

And here I just tucked the loose ends into the "V" of my sweater.  This shows off the lovely patterns and colours really nicely. 
There are a lot of pinks and oranges in this scarf and I think depending how you fold it you can bring out more of one than the other so I reckon this scarf will be really versatile - and I must flag up the fabulous  bouganvelia coloured hem!!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Spring is here!!

I was up early and out in the garden with my camera to capture some of the lovely spring flowers that are now in bloom.

Narcissus February Gold

Narcissus Tete a Tete
The Camellia

The Hellebores - these are fabulous flowers when you look at them closely! These were grown from seeds off a friend's existing plants so are nameless hybrids.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A little bit of H

Feeling casual today I decided to use my Bolduc ring with my Hermes Sellier Gavroche - it worked OK but the ring was slightly heavy for the smaller scarf, but I still liked the effect! 

Friday, 19 March 2010

Paris in The Springtime Scarf of the Day

Today I am hosting the "I love Paris in the Springtime" Scarf of the Day on the forum.  So I decided to wear my newest plisse Per Astra ad Astra with my new Bloduc ring - all put together with a white shirt, cashmere sweater and a string of fw pearls to complete the look.  I really like the pinks in this plisse - what a lucky find on Ebay!!
Firstly tied in my favourite Butterfly Knot

And then worn as a bow using my Bolduc Scarf Ring to "tie" the bow!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New scarf ring

I treated myself to my first Hermes scarf ring - the new Bolduc Ring in permabrass (gold). I love it!  It looks great with my scarves - here are few little pics to show it off.

I was also given a sample of the new perfume soon to be launched by Hermes it is called Voyage d'Hermes and has a woody scent with a hint of musk - very fresh and very unisex.

The Bolduc ring is square which makes a nice change!
The front depicts the Hermes caleche.

The rear has "Hermes-Paris" stamped on it.
As you can see the edges feature the "stitching" like the real Bolduc Ribbon used to wrap up all Hermes goodies!

Here with my La Legende du Poisson Corail plisse - and a detail shot:-

A straight "tie" look.
And a crossover "knot" which I feel is a more secure way to wear the ring as it is quite wide and I would not wear it on a 70cm in anything that was not secure as I would be afraid it would slip off - I know from bitter experience with a non H ring!

With my 70cm Kelly en Caleche scarf in a crossover for security.

And finally worn as per the latest set of Hermes knotting cards - wear the scarf in a Cowboy knot/fold and slip the ring on one end before you tie the knot at the back of the neck - I think this is a really great idea from Hermes and I will be wearing this a lot!!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Vintage Scarves Part IV

Continuing my occasional series featuring my vintage scarf collection:- here are the pale-medium pinks.

Rialto - 70cm Cotton Charm from SS09

I really like this design by Perron and have 3 versions of it - 2 in cotton and one in silk:-
This particular scarf was a special edition for the Venice branch of Hermes and has written on it "Hermes Saluta Venezia" and "2008"

The design looks nice when worn, shown here using a scarf ring in two different ways:-
Flower Knot
Basic Fold and pulled through the ring.

Cotton Charm in a Cowboy style.
Another favourite design of mine - Kelly en Caleche from SS07 by Cyrille Diatkine.
I had to watch Ebay for MANY months to find this scarf!!

Worn Cowboy Style

and here worn simply round the neck to keep warm on a cold winter's day!

Finally my pale pink Expeditions Polaires Francaise which was from the AW09 collection.
Worn simply knotted around the neck similar to a cowboy style and a basic Fold pulled through a scarf ring.

So that concludes the pale -medium pink collection!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Tulips from Amsterdam

Last weekend my travels took me back to Amsterdam for a very quick visit to see the brand new production of Don Quixote at the Dutch National Ballet - it was very good, and very very funny, although my favourite version still remains that of the wonderful Bolshoi Ballet from Moscow.  No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a trip to the street florist near my hotel!!  I plumped for some lovely pale pink and green roses (Kenyan though!) and some bright and cheerful yellow tulips with a tiny red splash of colour - as the tulips have opened up they look like tulips from one of the Dutch Grand Masters paintings!!

You must excuse the brown paper but the florist said I had to re-cut the stems then put the tulips in cold water as soon as I got them home, leaving the paper wrapped around them for an hour - this helps the tulips take up water and stops them flopping.
The Singel Flower Market - one of my favourite haunts!

Fabulous bulbs!
A grey day in Amsterdam looking at the back of the Singel floating flower market - you can see the backs of the shops floating on the right of the canal.