Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Fishy Tale

I went to Monaco last year as you know and I went to the Aquarium at the Oceanographic Museum.  They sell  the Hermes scarf Grand Fonds by Annie Faivre.  Anyway I decided that I would like one so I ordered a blue one by email recently so as well as adding to my collection hopefully the purchase will have helped the Museum's work as well..  Here she is:-
The orange box.

First peek at the scarf.

The scarf in full.

Closer detail - love the pinks in this.

The lovely fish weave between the plants
just like the real thing!

Artist's signature A Faivre.

Lovely pinks and oranges against a 
vibrant turquoise.

And it even looks good with cerise!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Double Twist Knot - How To

As promised here is a "how to" for the Double Twist Knot using my new Hermes Tresors Retrouves in cw 06  - I hope it helps!
Start with a Basic  Fold draped 
around the neck.

Pass the right tail over the left -
so the original right becomes the new left

Then pass new right over new left 

Take both ends of the tails and pull up
towards neck/shoulders.

Take the ends around the back and secure
in a knot or with a scarf ring if you want 
flatter finish

Arrange the folds to look neat and tidy - job done!