Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I was just in Berlin too see some ballet -although I was there in early December as well but it is a bit late now to show you Christmassy photos!  It was very cold indeed this trip with night time temperatures down to -12C, however everything ran on time no problem!  Here are a few pics from my trip - the city, some food, the ballet and a few odds and ends no real theme!
Looking down Ku'Damm towards the Kaiser Wilhelm 
Memorial Church
Ernst Reuter Platz

Snowy roof tops from my hotel

Savigny Platz gardens - well cleared paths!

Hotel terrace

The seats look like they have 
snow cushions LOL!
The snow on the primroses you can see 
the layers on the table.

The duck fountain near my hotel
Sunset over the roof tops.
The food!!  
Here a Thai coconut and lemongrass  
soup with chicken and mushrooms - yum and
perfect on a freezing cold winter's night!

A Thai red curry Romertopf!

It was very tasty.

A slice of Marly cake by L'Enotre from KaDeWe.

A celeriac and mortadella soup at a 
local Italian Enoteca.

Delicious malfatti - pumpkin and amaretti dish - 
it was divine!  
You really can eat well in Berlin for a lot less money 
than in other cities like Paris or Venice!
The Ballet - 
I went to see Malakhov and Friends - The Final
Here is Vladimir Malakhov with Beatrice Knopp.  
He is retiring from dancing later this year.  
I will miss him.

Iana Salenko and Dinu Tamazlacaru 
who performed the Grand Pas de Deux 
from Don Quixote (my favourite ballet!).
Their costumes were gorgeous.

Vladimir Malakhov with Beatrice Knopp as 
before, Nadja Saidakova (far right) 
and Robert Reimer the conductor(left).

A cute camel I saw in a window on my 
way home from the ballet!

Here you can see icicles on this van parked 
at the airport!

A huge long tunnel I had to walk through at 
Frankfurt Airport to change terminal -it had 
groovy mood lighting that changed colour!

An Airbus aeroplane taxiing to the stand.

The apron at Frankfurt Airport where I changed
It was a very short trip to Berlin but it was nice to 
experience proper winter cold!  I really like Berlin 
and hope to go back again soon.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Maxi Twilly Triple Knot How To

Following on from the last post here is a How To guide to make the triple knot necklace look with your MT.

This is the finished look.  To achieve it:-
Find centre of scarf and tie a single 
knot at that spot then tie 2 more knots 
either side about 20cm from the centre 
or wherever you want the knots to sit.  
Place scarf around neck and allow the 
tails to hang down the front as in the 
next picture.

Take end of scarf and pass through 
the knot, pull so it sits neatly.

Repeat on opposite side.
Now take one end of the scarf and 
pass through the central knot.

Repeat with the other loose end 
so you have created a 
crossover/bypass  knot in effect.

Pull the ends so they sit neatly like a 
necklace and the ends tail nicely.  Ta Da!

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Last October I spent a few days in the South of France and whilst there I was able to find a Maxi Twilly - first off I got a red Brazil but then in Monaco they had a red Cavalcadours so I swapped the Brazil as it was a bit too bright for my liking.  I believe that for 2014 there will be 3 designs - nothing amazing though just some golden oldies rolled out again...Brides de Gala,Astrologies and Kachinas (the only one a bit different) I guess Hermes play safe but it is borderline boring as they always revert to BDG for anything new...sigh.  Anyway lets see the Maxi Twilly:-
The cylinder shape box

The MT comes with a wearing guide.

Some suggestions.


Simple single knot.

Weave knot.

Big floppy bow.

With a Friendship Knot.

Worn long and loosely tied.

Triple neck wrap.

Double neck wrap worn long/loose.

Worn with scarf ring to tie.

Butterfly Knot works well!

With a Half Ascot Knot.

Another floppy bow.
Basic Crossover with Shawl ring.

Half Bow with scarf ring.

I created this look using 3 knots
.....how to to follow!