Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas is Coming/Harrods Pop Up Shop

Yesterday I met up with some lovely TPF ladies in London and we had a lovely "H" time!  Anyway I did not come home empty handed - and I appreciated all the opinions in deciding on what to bring home, although a return trip will be required at some point I am sure LOL!  The pics tell the story:-

The gorgeous Christmas Box Sleeve!!!

and the back of the sleeve

Beautiful silver Christmas Ribbon!

The Caleche replaced by a Sleigh - delightful!

The 2 together.

Now let's reveal the contents!
The box and Paris Mon Ami ad for the
Harrods Pop Up Shop opening 1 December.

Ex Libris En Kimonos (with flash).

ExLibris en Kimonos (without flash).

And some close up details shots.
Beautiful patterns cover this scarf all over.

I like to think of this as a Bird of Paradise
- no idea if it is!

The designer.

I first saw this scarf at Nice airport 2 weeks ago and the SA let me try a few on and this was the one she thought suited me best - my TPF friends agreed as well!  I think this will serve me well and I can see it looking great with a white shirt, for example - it looks very fresh and crisp in this cw.  I have not had time to have a play but I will do at some point, but I thought I would get some pics up sooner rather than later!  Hope you enjoyed.
P.S. Harrods Pop Up Shop opens 1December and runs until 2 January 2012 in Luxury Room II.  There is a special issue scarf - but not to my liking :-(  it has "Hermes pour Harrods" written on the suitcase clasp on a 90cm of "H En Voyage" - a reissue of the 70cm design from a few years back the are are 2 cws, one bright red and green and the other blues and purples, reds, greens.  Harrods had good stock - I think due to having the pop up shop opening soon and I've seen a couple of likes!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Wish List

A couple of scarves have caught my eye recently.
This glorious pink Magic Kelly:-


And after our recent gavroche week on TPF I have really enjoyed wearing my gavroches, as you know I have a full size Dame de Coeur but Hermes have also issued it in petit format and this cw took my fancy in Selfridges last week - I was attracted by the purple border but also the fact that the body of the scarf is pale and you can see the design clearly:-

I am really looking forward to the gavroche version of L'Arbre de Vie due out for SS12 as well as the 90cm version of Cheval Sur Mon Carre.
I just wonder what price increase H will put on the scarves in the new year?!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Trains, Thunderbirds and PINK????

Humour the train station in London on Wednesday there was a train engine...OK so what?  Yeh but Virgin Trains name all their engine units after Thunderbirds....and?...well this was what I saw:-

The engine unit......

...and the name....Lady Penelope in PINK...on a train LOL!

I think reader Penelope Pitstop might like this one too!!  Thank you for indulging my pink passion.

Have a great weekend everyone. SAx

Saturday, 5 November 2011


While in Berlin I found this really cute pumpkin pot with plant - goodness only knows how I got it home in one piece but I managed!  It was so unusual I had to have it and can you believe it only cost €2.50 in a florists??!!!

The Galleries Lafayette Berlin have a good food department and they had a lovely basket of squashes - they looked lovely and colourful:-

I never knew potato soup and sausage could be really nice but I was proved wrong when we stopped off for a quick lunch in one of the shopping malls off Friedrichstrasse this one was delicious and garnished with spring onions and bacon - just right for a chilly day!
I find Sundays difficult in Berlin (and Paris) if you don't want to sight see or do a museum, as most places are shut unlike here in the UK where we have more of a 7 day week culture - so what on earth to do on a Sunday morning before your flight home?  Luckily the receptionist at our hotel recommended us to go to the Ritter Sport chocolate shop off Friedrichstrasse - there you can go around their museum of chocolate which traces the "life" of chocolate from the plant to the finished product.  Downstairs you can buy the Ritter Sport chocolate bars at very good prices - a huge 2kg goodie bag was offered for a fabulous price (I can't remember what now but it was good!) and you can have your own chocolate bar made -you pick milk or dark chocolate then choose your fillings - you have to wait 30 minutes for it to set but then you can collect your personal bar of chocolate - it cost about €3 I think.
Of course no trip to Germany is complete without a trip to a coffee and cake house so we went to our favourite in Berlin - the Opern Palais on the Unter den Linden - the pics speak for themsleves!
Champagne Torte

Yoghurtsahne Torte

Lemon Meringue

Some of the Opern Palais cakes to choose from!

The food halls at KaDeWe also have a pretty impressive selection of sweet treats ranging from the traditional German cakes to Parisien and Viennese offerings.  Their bakery is also rather fabulous too!

Lovely breads and rolls.