Saturday, 24 April 2010

Spring Ducklings!!

Spring is really blossoming here in England.  I have some lovely flowers in my garden and over at my sister's pond she currently has a brood of ducklings!!  2 weeks ago my sister went to feed the wild mallard ducks that visit her pond only to be greeted by 10 ducklings as well!! It seems Mrs Mallard had been secretly nesting...Sadly 3 ducklings have been lost and we think it is the local owls as they seem to disappear in the night (the owls are probably feeding their own babies) it is sad but that is nature and why Mrs Mallard had 10 ducklings - anyway here are a few little pics of the ducklings (when there were 9) they are not too good quality because the ducklings would not keep still and were a little shy of me!

Busy feeding with Mother, Mrs Mallard
Busy forraging the banks of the pond watched by Dad, Mr Mallard.

I think there are 8 here on the banks and in the water with Dad and 2 Uncles!
Let's see what else there is to we go......

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Plisse Ideas from Hermes

I was in scarf conversation with a scarf friend and she has a plisse minus the H booklet that usually comes with plisses so to help a friend out I have photographed one of my booklets to post here for the ideas.  If you click on the photos they will enlarge so you can see more detail.
Photo credits are to Hermes.

Hermes Formula 286

Hermes Formula 296

Hermes Formula 288

Hermes Formula 266
Hermes Formula 290
Hermes Formula 288
Hermes Formula 292
Hermes Formula 236
Hermes Formula 298


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Carre en Carre Plisse

One of my scarf friends was asking about my Carre en Carre Plisse so I though I would post some photos here!!  This is a great design by Hermes and by the time I realised I "needed" one I had missed the boat as it was a best seller.  However I was able to find one in Berlin in a plisse version:-

As it comes out of the box:
Stretched out in the hotel room!!
At ease!
I have worn the scarf here in the flower knot first with a single knot knot and second one without a single knot before pulling the edges through a ring it makes quite a difference as you can see.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Scarf Ring II

Well I was so pleased with my gold Bolduc scarf ring which I bought recently(New Scarf Ring)  that I could not resist getting another one in the silver/palladium.  So as I was in London yesterday I went to Harrods and got one:-)

My little bag of treasures!

Beautifully packaged as always with Hermes!

The Hermes Caleche
The rear detail.
Sisters! Silver left and Gold Right - it is a bit difficult to tell them apart!!

Maybe this shot is better!

Here shown on my Per Astra ad Astra plisse - silver left, gold right. The silver definitely looks much "cooler" than the gold.

The silver ring on my Dancing Pearls Plisse - this works very well as the overall tone of the scarf is cooler.

And finally worn as a butterfly/flower knot.

On my journey home there was a fantastic "grey" sunset and I got this amazing shot of the sun's rays from the train so I thought I would share it with you!