Thursday, 28 July 2011

Trophees de Venise II

A reader has asked me about a scarf called Trophees de Venise II.  It was certainly issued in Spring Summer 2002/03 as it features in the scarf booklet for that season, but I do not know if this was an original issue or a re-issue.  Maybe any reader who does know will chime in on the comments?
Here is a photo of the design.

This design is by Julia Abadie and is a detail or exerpt of the full design called Trophees de Venise - you may recall I obtained that scarf in Venice this year, albeit a special edition just for the Venice branch of Hermes. 

You can see by looking at these photos of my scarf how a corner has been used to make the Trophees de Venise II version.

Hope that helps you dear reader!!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Paris Montmartre, Rue des Martyrs & more cakes!

No trip of mine to Paris is ever complete until I have been up to Montmartre and the Place du Tertre - I love the astmosphere up there.

My favourite restaurant for onion soup does not open for lunch so I had to make do with another - it was good but not AS good as my regular haunt!

The main was OK but the dessert of nougat ice cream and raspberry coulis was rather nice!

After lunch in the Place du Tertre I wandered back down to town via Rue des Martyrs which is full of little shops - especially grocers and pastisseries:-

The offerings from Del Montel...oooh la la!

And one of Del Montel's competitors down the street!

I like how all the fruits and vegetables are all beautifully displayed - it must take ages to set up!

And one I got one cake from the shop opposite my hotel - delish!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Wander Around Paris St Germain

On my trip to Paris I went to St Germain to find a shirt I was looking for - I succeeded luckily!  Anyway there were some nice shops there and in particular the foodie places were a little more resaonable than the rest of Paris - mainly I was on Rue Motte Piquette and Rue Cler(seen below). 

A turtle/tortoise shaped loaf of bread - how cute!

One of the many lovely flower shops in Paris - such a pretty display.

And a close up of some of the gorgeous roses - I only wished I could have brought some home!

Another lovely florist display.

The yummy cakes at the patisserie ooh la la!

.....I think we need some more pics - at least they are calorie free LOL!

Such works of art!

And the view from the bus back to Madeleine of the Pont Alexandre III - the windows were tinted hence the greeny/blue look!

It is lovely on the Left Bank as I have been finding in my more recent trips. 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hermes FSH & CDG T2E's windows.

Firstly here are a few photos of the new window display at Hermes FSH - the focus seems to be on things for the home.
Here are some porcelain palm trees!

A few fishy features, but they could almost be owls as well LOL!

One of the side windows.

 The Horseman was flying some yellow Domes Celestes scarves.

A nice Kelly.

And a lovely lacey Kelly and briefcase, with one of the re-issues of the Epices scarf to the right. 

Meanwhile over at Terminal 2E at Charles de Gaulle Airport they had the same/similar displays as at George V - they have cleverly used cotton reels to make Hermes goodies - here a lovely bangle in my favourite colour PINK!

And here is a lovely colourway of the L'Arbre de Vie scarf - one of the new AW11 reissues - I love this colourway so I'll need to try it on some time LOL! (The left side is slightly obliterated by a pillar).

Friday, 15 July 2011

New H part 3 (of 3)

The final scarf I bought on my trip was found at the airport.  I had asked for it in the boutiques after seeing how fabulous the scarf looks worn - all credit to MaiTai! - but it was sold out in the Paris boutiques.  So here is Coupons Indiens - it was hard to choose between this colourway and another one in lovely rich golds and reds but the SA and I decided on this one because it suited my pale skin better plus it has PINK in it and you know what a sucker I am for PINK!!  The design is by Aline Honore (she of La Femme aux Semmelles de Vent and Fleurs Indiennes fame).

The whole design.

Worn in a single knot with the scarf folded on the diagonal.

Worn the same way but on the opposite diagonal - a 2 for 1 scarf!

A Half Ascot Knot - instructions here.

Worn semi Cowboy style here with the knot over the top/visible.

And here Cowboy style with the knot covered over and using a different corner of the scarf - this scarf has so many different looks thanks to its clever design.

A friendship Knot works well with the design - instructions here (the video is at the bottom of the page).

And here folded on the square and just drapped around the neck for yet another look.

A couple of close ups of some of the detail of the design.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Laduree & Monaco's Royal Wedding

Laduree has opened a new shop in addition to the existing Rue Royale shop/cafe - the new one is right next door and that is where you now go to buy any macaroons or cakes or gifts to take away - the queue inside was HUGE!  However, the shop is nice and light and bright unlike the old one next door.

Some of the goodies on offer inside.
I did not find what I was looking for at this shop but I found what I wanted at the Champs Elysees shop - this was the special edition box for the Monaco Royal Wedding.  Sadly my favourite flavour macaroon Praline is not available at the moment (it is an autumn/winter offering) so I chose a mixture - but I have eaten them so am unable to show them in the box LOL!

And just whilst on the subject of the Monaco Royal Wedding:- Princess Charlene's Armani wedding dress is now on display along with Prince Albert's uniform and a few other things at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco until end November 2011.  Think I need to go!!
Photo:- Hello Magazine