Thursday, 23 August 2012

What's new?

I was in London the other week for Swan Lake so despite the Olympics I had time to get to Selfridges and walk down to Bond Street too!  So here are some of the new things that are coming into the shops for AW12.
Laboratoire du Temps - Hermes Scarf - love this design;-)
Some H jewellery but I was more taken 
with the wooden London Skyline 
that it was displayed with!

Kilim - Hermes - not my cup of tea.

Another LdT at Bond St this time.

Mecanique du Temps.

Lovely Tigre Bengal at H Bond St

Les Cannes

A street near Bond St or was it Bond St?  
Can't remember but it was WET!!

LV's flagship store in Bond St - their windows
are always fab!

Loved these jolly "eye" fleurs!


Installation by Yayo Kosama.

Weird but wonderful sort of sea life display with
life size model of Yayo herself!

A similar window but with different bag!

Asprey's windows opposite LV.

Then it was the ballet - a lovely performance of
Swan Lake by English National Ballet - here
Anais Chaledenard and Junor de Souza 
it was their debut and very well they danced too.

Some of the lovely swans behind the main characters.

I could not leave London without popping 
to Covent Garden and Ella's Bakery for a 
Lemon and Raspberry cupcake to take 
home - delish!

The SA at H Bond St let me have a copy 
of the latest Hermes magazine - not much 
of anything in it - I never understand these mags! 
I have had the new AW12 scarf booklet too - 
I hope you have yours too - it is a much 
better edition than the last few.
A glimpse of one of the new 70cms - 
Les Parisiennes by Kiraz
I like this design a lot but not this cw....

So that is what I saw recently - I now have
some much needed time off next week 
wonder where that will lead me to????!!!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympics - Team GB Scarf

Now I didn't think I would get "into" the Olympics but I have got swept along with gold fever!  Anyway I saw the Team GB scarves for sale in Next last week so when I looked at the display scarf I was really delighted with the thought and symbolic meanings Next have put into the design so how could I resist - and especially as I would be in Royal company by owning one too - The Duchess of Cambridge has both the Team GB and the Paralympics scarves.    Anyway getting the blog back on its scarf track here's the scarf!!
GOLD bag!!!

Not quite an orange box LOL!

The scarf is 100% cotton.

It's a large scarf 90cm and nice and soft.

Our Greatest Team.

This card tells you about the symbols in the design -
please enlarge the photos to read all about it!

See the sports represented along with emblems of the UK.

The bottom right corner detail.

The bottom left corner detail.

Here you can make out the map of Britain in the middle 
of the blue area - I had to take my scarf to the office 
to get my colleagues to help me find it - it had me stumped 
for days LOL yet my colleague who is into "magic eye" 
puzzles spotted it straight away!!

Top left is a daffodil for Wales next to the diver, 
just below is flax for Ireland in a fan shape,
in the middle is the rose for England,  
and just above the horse rider bottom right is 
the thistle for Scotland.
The scarf folded

And looped.

The Friendship Knot - 
very appropriate for this scarf.


Equestrian style with Half Ascot Knot.

A square fold and single knot.

Cossack/Cowboy with scarf folded 
to show more colours.

Double Twist Knot.
Here is Duchess Kate wearing the 
same scarf as I have. 

And wearing the Paralympic Scarf.
I think she needs some scarf wearing lessons!

I think the scarf turned out well!  It is sold through Next shops  You can buy it in the 90cm size for just £10 and it also comes in a small gavroche size for £5.  Well worth the money plus it helps support our sports people!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Diana's Daywear

The other side of the Fashion Room showcases Princess Diana's day wear outfits:-
The left hand side of the display.
A first look - Catherine Walker coat dresses.

Pretty in pink CW!

Mother and Sons CW - cute!

Cue the couture -
pink Versace, blue Chanel

Chanel boucle suit - the white edge
is yellowing a bit now with age :-(

White Tomaz Starzewski(sp?)

More Catherine Walker signature looks.

Another long view 

Practical wear for the heat -
a CW outfit worn in Egypt
and the landmines outfit.

Diana's Louis Vuitton luggage - sadly her 
Lady Dior handbag was not on show this year :-(