Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Aquarium - Grand Fonds

While I was in Monte Carlo I took the opportunity after seeing Princess Charlene's lovely wedding dress to visit the aquarium in the same museum - I find watching fish very relaxing and soothing so here are some calming photos - I hope?  It was difficult to capture the fish as they dart around so quickly and hide in the plants!  There were a couple of interesting items for sale in the museum shop and I am sure any Hermes scarf fan will be interested - see the bottom of the post;-)

The Museum shop has 2 special edition Hermes scarves - Grand Fonds by Annie Faivre. 
The price is good too €265 as against €292 for any other 90cm in a H boutique!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

New Addition

When I met up with my TPF friends a few weeks ago I left Harrods with the navy ExLibris en Kimono but my heart was still hankering after a lovely pink scarf - I had to give in and as Harrods reckoned they would not be getting any more in stock I ordered this off H.com:-

Another Pegase box but NO
bolduc ribbon of ANY kind!

Ripped tissue paper as well - what's
going on at Hermes? I'm not impressed!

A first peek - think you know?

You guessed - Dame de Coeur

Being from H.com/France there was no bar code tag thing attached to the label as they always remove them so I have no idea of the colourway names - if anyone knows please leave a comment!
Equestrian with Half Ascot

Cowboy/Cossack blue corner
Cowby/Cossack brown corner

Criss Cross Bow

I think this is a Waterfall?

Cowboy with scarf ring

Criss Cross with scarf ring

A bow made with scarf ring

A Half Ascot Knot

Simple Equestrian

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Auction - Part 2 of 2

Following on from the last blog here are some of the fashions and art work on display:-
Andy Warhol

Camille Pissaro

Van Gogh

A signature red Valentino dress - I like!
Matching embellished bag.

A fabulous Kimono

Christian Dior

Beautiful raffia embroidery - Dior


Christian Dior

Intricate embroidery - Dior

Some of the fabulously embellished Versace jackets.

Tiziani from the film Boom! 1968

Gianfranco Ferre

Christian Dior

The Tiziani Scorpion Cloak worn in Monaco

Hope you enjoyed looking at these pics!