Thursday, 30 July 2015

Recent Acquisitions 3

For years I have coveted the Christmas Scarf by Dimitri Rybaltchenko Noel au Faubourg 24.   I have watched and watched AND watched on Ebay for this design so I was delighted when I finally found it in plisse form and in PINK!  I love this pink version (although I think THE one to have is the turquoise)  and being a plisse has the added benefit that you cannot really see that it is a Christmas scarf so you can wear it any time -especially as it is pastels it works any time!  I got his from a Japanese seller so I did have to pay some import tax on it but the price was still no more than you would pay here for a new scarf.  Also plisses are no longer made by Hermes so I was even more happy to have another plisse.
The snow globe containing the Christmas scene at FSH including tiny shoppers with orange bags!
Some butterfly knots and an equestrian with Half Ascot Knot
Some simple drapes with a scarf ring (oops the Equestrian got in there again!)
And some nice half bows and then in the last photo I just kept threading 
the ends from the half bow into the scarf ring to make a pretty multiple bow.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Recent Acquisitions 2

I am going away for a couple of days tomorrow, however I have another post for you to enjoy.  So one of the next scarves I got was a vintage La Reale.  I had to wash this one when it came as it had a strong smell of perfume (and still does) and one or two marks that have come with its age, however it is much better for the wash I gave it!  The silk is beautifully soft and has the feel more of the 70cm scarves that you can buy today.  Whilst the colours are not the best for me I wanted a La Reale in my collection and for the price I paid this met the requirement nicely.

La Reale
Some close ups of the scarf detail.

Some ideas of how to wear the scarf - here mainly simple drapes 

and some knots using a scarf ring.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

New Acquisitions

Over the last few years/months I have added to my collection of scarves by purchasing some scarves from Ebay.  It is a case of watching every now and then and you can get some really nice scarves at really great prices.  So I'll post some of the scarves I have acquired in this way.  Here is the most recent scarf I got:-

Golf Balls Plisse
The scarf in detail.
Just simply worn with the addition of a scarf ring or knot.
And some more fancy knots which the plisse lends itself so beautifully to!
Single knot in the 2 left photos, butterfly knots in the 2 on the right.