Sunday, 3 May 2015

It's a New Princess!!! Updated.

Yesterday was the day we have been waiting for when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed the latest addition to their family!  As it happened I was actually en route to London for the day!!  However Twitter kept me up to date with all the developments.  I even managed to get to Buckingham Palace to see the official announcement on the palace forecourt!!  I thought I should go as it was a very rare event so it would be silly not to go right?!

All photos Daily Mail

First glimpses on the steps of the Lindo Wing.  
Kate looks radiant!
The new little Princess 8lb 3oz - good size!

I love how William has a protective arm around both of  his girls!

William carefully helps Kate down the steps.
A beaming Duchess!

A sleeping beauty!

A wave to the crowds.

Earlier in the day a visit from big brother George!  
Little boy blue.

George and Dad William
Hand in hand Kate and William leave with 
their new baby - such a lovely photo!

Her Majesty the Queen on duty looking very happy and in pink!  
Proud Great Grandmother and Great Uncle Andrew too!
And finally my own photo of the easel at 

Buckingham Place 

displaying the official announcement!  
I have not yet downloaded my other 
photos so will add a close up later!
You had to queue up to view the announcement 
but the queue moved quickly!  BP was flying a huge 
Union Jack as the Queen is elsewhere.

Getting nearer so I poked my camera 
through the railings!

A first view.

Close up you can see the details!

Coming away from the gates - 
we were given 4 seconds!

Last look!