Sunday, 13 November 2016

My Cook In Milano Cookery Class!

While in Milan I took a cookery class with the wonderful Clara at Cook In Milano.  During the class I learned to make pasta, pesto, gnocchi, macaroni cheese and ice cream.  It was great fun and everything was delicious and I highly recommend taking a class with Clara!  I have done several classes at home, in Paris and now in Milan and I have to say the ones in Milan were by far the best organised - so good I went back for a second one!  Below is the class I did first.

First job was to prepare all the
ingredients needed for the recipes - 
we grated cheese, chopped up ham, 
prepared basil etc..

Flour & eggs ready to make pasta

Pesto ingredients ready to be blitzed!

The pesto being made.

Here we blitzed some ham to make a filling for the gnocchi!

A little coffee break...

with delicious home made biscuits.

The gnocchi being shaped.

The gnocchi being left to dry a little before cooking.

I made spinach pasta 

We rolled it up ready to cut into tagliatelle

The pasta strips are hung out to dry so 
they do not stick when cooking.

Everything we made - the pasta and 
gnocchi ready to cook and 
the macaroni cheese.  
The ice cream is churning in the 
background with strawberries 
ready to accompany it!

The ice cream churning and a nice prosecco aperitif while we wait:-)

The prosecco & red wine for our meal.

Lunch is served!
My lunch - it was all delicious!
The pesto was mixed into the
tagliatelle, and we made a sauce 
for the gnocchi, plus the macaroni
And the fabulous home made 
ice cream with strawberries 
yummy - plus a shot of home 
made limoncello;-)
If you are ever in Milan and want to learn to cook in an authentic italian home setting and meet other visitors to Milan then look no further than Cook In Milano and you can even combine a cookery class with a market visit!  Clara offers a great selection of different classes and her website has lots of recipes to try.