Saturday, 23 February 2013

Venice Trip 2013 - Part 1

Earlier this month I made my annual trip to Venice.  I really did not want to come home this time I had such a nice time.  So let's see some pics - I took nearly 2500 pics in 5 days LOL so there will have to be more than one post - here is the city first.
Lake Garda from the air.

Venice from the plane as it landed - always get
yourself a seat on the RHS of the plane to 
see the islands.

A zoom in - you can see San Georgio Maggiore
in the middle and The Salute to the far left.

Rialto Bridge/Grand Canal from the airport boat
- pity about the ugly graffiti - why???

Getting further up the Grand Canal away from 
the Rialto - the sunset gave a glorious warm glow.

Approaching The Salute - this new boat route 
(Linea Arancha) from the airport is great except 
you do not get to see the famous Venice front.

Sunset on the Grand Canal - the baggage was 
delayed an hour at the airport, so this was the 
resulting bonus!!

Passing right by The S Maria de la Salute bathed in the sunset glow.

Sunset at S Georgio Maggiore.

First beautiful sunny morning
looking across to S Georgio Mag

The Doges Palace - fab blue sky too!

The Campanile and Basilica S Marco

My avian breakfast companion on day 2!
He was right outside the window.

The Campanile and Piazza S Marco from
inside the Museo Correr.

Inside the Museo Correr

Piazza S Marco at night complete with stage
for Carnevale events.


The Campanile (bell tower)

I went up the Campanile and this is the
Torre de Horologico seen from up there!

San Georgio from The Campanile.

Doges Palace from The Campanile.

The S Maria de la Salute from The Campanile.

One of the many big bells up the tower -
thankfully it was just after 11am!!!

The Rialto Bridge from ground level.

The Grand Canal near The Rialto.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Penelope Pitstop's Birthday Scarf!

You may or may not know but "PP" is my sister and when we went to Paris last September she fell in love with a rather beautiful scarf at Christian Dior on Avenue when it came to PP's special birthday late last year I could not resist treating her to the scarf, which I was lucky to find on my Berlin trip so here is PP's birthday scarf - pictures by me but scarf modelled by PP:-

The white trademark Dior bag.....

inside it a Dior box and ribbon......

white tissue conceals the contents........
Lovely rich pinks and browns.....
Here you can see the design - a Dior Lady 
and roses...

The Lady close up.
Corner detail shows the roses

Folded on one diagonal gives mainly browns
and cream.

The other diagonal gives the pinks - 
another 2 in 1 scarf!

Friendship Knot - we had fun 
tying that LOL!

An a-symmetric Half Ascot Knot

A simple single knot.

Just worn draped around the neck - not 
quite cowboy.

The ends tied cowboy style.

The same just from a bit further back - the
great with the cashmere sweater!