Saturday, 19 March 2011

Trophees de Venise

While I was in Venice I bought a special edition of the scarf design Trophees de Venise.  There is just the one colourway, and the scarf only bears the name Hermes de Venise not Trophees de Venise as in the original.  I have been after this design for some time so I was delighted to see the design hanging on the wall as I entered the Venice Hermes boutique.  The pale greys and blues are very neutral and this scarf has an etoupe border - all these colours are the kind that pick up on whatever you are wearing so it should be fairly versatile.  Here are a few photos of the detail.
The 2010 Christmas box.

The horses of St Marks.

J Abadie is the designer.

Gondola scene.

Basilica San Marco.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Carnival de Venise

I was just in Venice last week for the carnival.  As usual there were lots of wonderful costumes to be seen!  The weather was poor and on the last day there was a minor Aqua Alta and St Mark's Square was part flooded along with some streets!  Here are just a few photos of the 700+ photos I took!

The Island of San Giorgio Maggiore

Some lovely costumes!

This lady was my favourite.  I think she comes every year but this year her partner was not there when I saw her.

The dogs had to join in of course!

And some more lovely colourful costumes!