Sunday, 13 June 2010

Some goodies from FSH - Paris Final Part

I brought home 2 scarves from Hermes FSH so let's see straight away what I got...
First I had to make a very very difficult choice between a flat or plisse version of my favourite design "La Femme Aux Semmelles De Vent" - in the end I went for the plisse.
Brown is not a colour  I usually go for but this one seems to work well on me - I was so surprised and of course very happy.  Here for demo purposes (it being a very hot day!) I teamed it with a fur collar - can't wait for winter!!
Here I folded the scarf in a basic fold (as best I could for a plisse) to try and get some of the brighter colours to show and I just tied it around the neck twice and pulled out some of the pleats to give this result.
Flower knot with a scarf ring:
And this look is achieved simply by tying a single knot then getting hold of 2 of the edges of the tails and knotting them together to give this twisted/floral look. 
The second scarf I got was a Cotton Charm Kelly en Caleche - I finally managed to find a pale colourway for summer so this one came home too.
Sorry but I have not made any modelling photos with this one!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Montmartre - Paris Trip Part 4

My last afternoon took me to Montmartre as no visit to Paris is complete without a visit up to Montmartre.

I love to mingle in the hustle and bustle of the Place du Tertre with its cafes, restaurants and of course the wonderful artists!

One of the lovely artists at work.

In the evening I went for my favourite French Onion Soup, and my own home made version is based on this one shown below.
I always return to my hotel by walking down the Rue des Martyrs as it is full of lovely little florists.....
......and grocery shops.....
and......Pâtisserie Delmontel -  owned by Arnaud Delmontel and I believe he is the Pâtissier-Boulanger to the French President no less! And yes the cakes are every bit as good as they look :-) Sadly I did not get a chance to sample the green coconut domes but this HAS to be my favourite pâtisserie in Paris.
....and another pâtisserie...
and another delightful florist....the downside of being on a short trip is you have no need to buy any of the lovely goods on display...oh to live in Paris!
La vie est belle!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

A little shopping on Rue du Grenelle - Paris Part 3

I dropped by the Hermès boutique on Rue du Grenelle not expecting to find anything, but lady luck was on my side and to my delight I found a Tohu Bohu 90cm silk twill scarf! Here she is...

There was a choice of 3 colourways and I chose the black for it's dramatic colours.
Cowboy Knot
A Friendship Knot (FK how to video)
A Half Ascot Knot (AK video) pulled to the side.
Equestrian style secured with scarf ring.
Loose flower knot with scarf ring.
I was very happy indeed to find this scarf!!