Sunday, 26 July 2009

Friendship Knot

This is a lovely knot that I use quite often and it looks really nice. I am showing it here with my Hermes 70cm Vintage Silk "Rialto" scarf. I believe the origin of this knot lies with the Girl Guides Association. It is a little tricky to learn at first - I had to practice many many times to perfect it and I still get it wrong sometimes! So you need plenty of practice. Start with a scarf folded in "the basic fold". The most important thing I have found is to make sure when you do the first fold back and up of the first "tail" you must make sure it lies on top of the tail coming from round your neck. Watch the video you should see what I mean. I hope my video helps and you have some fun learning!

Update 29/11/09: So many people ask how to do this knot as it is tricky to learn at first - here's a link as well to a useful annimation which ties in very well with what I am doing in the video:
and a link to some instructions you can print off.

In the video I am using my Hermes Carnevale de Venise 90cm silk twill scarf.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Christmas in July

Today I wore my Hermes "Passage a Moscou" for the first time as the Friday scarf theme today was Christmas in July.

As you can see I teamed my scarf with a plain white shirt and an aquamarine cashmere sweater. I tried it first with an equestrian look with pearls but ended up with a Half Ascot Knot, as it is a bit cooler, so I could tuck it into my sweater to keep away from the catchy files at work.
To tie the Ascot Knot see the video on my first blog post.
Watch out on Sunday for a new "how to" video.

Monday, 20 July 2009

A Doggy Tale - Expeditions Polaires Francais - Woof!

I am really enjoying the BBC series following Ben Fogle, Olympian James Cracknell and doctor Ed Coats, along with the other five teams taking part in the Amundsen South Pole Race.

Every week we have been left on a cliff hanger so I can't wait to see the final episode next week.

Maybe the empathy I have with the boys in the show is why I could not resist buying this lovely Hermes 70cm Vintage Scarf -

I think the 2 big huskies should be called Bel and Sebastian (giving away my age now!)
but I need 9 more names for the rest of the pack!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Paris Trip

The Hermes Horseman

Cotton Charms 70 "Rialto"

Mousseline Gavroche "Hermes Pour La Fete De La Couleur"

I went to Paris last weekend and I was lucky enough to get 2 new scarves from Hermes. I got a Cotton Charms in Rialto (a design I particularly like loving Venice as I do) and a gavroche size mousseline which is a special edition "Hermes pour la Fete de la Couleur" and features hot summer shades ranging from yellow through to cerise - yummy!

In the Pink

In case you had not noticed, I like pink...any shade! I also love flowers and here's is a big bunch of pink flowers I put together this week - I can do "proper" arrangements with oasis and all that stuff but I like just the flowers by themselves in a vase - nice and simple. Here are my lilies, alstromeria and lisianthus.

TIP - if your roses droop and the stems go rubbery by the flowers I take them out of the water re cut the stems about by about 4 or 5 cms and put them into a vase of water that is luke to hand warm - yes luke to hand warm. Give it a couple of hours and 9 times out of 1o the roses will have revived - I have rescued numerous bunches of roses like this. I repeat the process again if the roses still don't revive.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Half Ascot Knot

Welcome to My Little Scarf Blog!

Here is my video of how to tie a Half Ascot Knot, using an Hermes Carre en Carre Pointu scarf.

Do a basic fold with your scarf first then you are ready to follow the video - you will need to practice a few times until you get "the knack"!