Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Hermes FSH Windows November 2015

Oops I had forgotten that I was supposed to make this post - my apologies!  OK so on my way to the theatre to see the ballet I stopped off at Place de la Concorde and took a quick divert down Rue Boissy Anglais to the corner with FSH - it is always much easier photographing the widows at night which is why there is a slight yellow hue to the photos.

The scarfless Horseman atop Hermes HQ then one 
of the windows had a scale model of FSH complete 
with a horseman.  
Click on the photos to get a bigger view.

This is the large corner window which 
I found rather spartan this time. Not sure I even like it!

Around the corner some nicer windows showcased 
footwear, bags and clothing.  I rather liked the boots 
but alas Hermes only seem to cater for people with 
extremely skinny legs with which I am not blessed.  

Some darker coloured items against the scaffolding 
backdrop which I did not like at all.

Some nice blue things - and another nice pair of boots!

An equestrian window and one with diningware.
Not really the best windows Hermes have ever done but
I guess they have changed again by now!

Well that is the windows post - apologies again for the tardiness of posting it!
I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and thank you for following my (intermittent) blog!