Monday, 22 August 2011

And the last box....for now!

On my last trip to London I got the cw I was waiting for - I gave up on Harrods and when I saw Selfridges had the cw I wanted I got it while I saw it as I think this is going to be a popular scarf this Autumn.  Talking of Autumn has any else noticed how the trees are already turning to red and gold?  This is very early!
Anyway back to the scarf:-

My second cw of L'Arbre de Vie cw 11. 

Here is the detail a bit closer up.  I love the lilac branches in this one.
The references again and another contrast hem in grey.

Worn Cowboy Style, with flash...
 without flash - quite a difference!

 The Friendship Knot (instructions here)

 Here worn with a scarf ring with one end passed through the loop.

Half Ascot Knot (instructions here)

"Cheats Tie" with Charms Fer a Cheval scarf ring.

Just do a single knot taking care to "place" the top tail end "flat" over the knot then slip your scarf ring up the 2 ends to hold it in place to look like a tie - simple!
And lastly worn with black to show this scarf's versatility.
I think the black brings out the "vert" grey-greens.

Now I think my wallet and I both need a break from buying scarves!

Friday, 19 August 2011

The Next Box....

On my first trip to London for the ballet, I got a scarf I have been wanting since I saw it on TPF.  There were a lot of cws to choose from but I eventually whittled it down to 2.

Any guesses what it is?

Here it is in full, L'Arbre de Vie - Tree of Life by Christine Henry.

The details in this scarf are wonderful - each leaf has a different design and then there are lots of little creatures all over the tree, but depending on the cw you can see them or not - I tried to choose cws where you can see the creatures as well as the lovely leaves.  It is a beautiful design IMHO!

The name, reference and artist's signature.  Note the contrast hem as well!

This scarf is another chameleon it seems to match my pink sweater far better than I could ever have imagined!

A Friendship Knot (instructions here)
An Equestrian/Half Ascot Knot (instructions here)

 A wrap aorund using a scarf ring.

The same wrap around but using my (new to me) Hermes scarf ring.

I got this beauty off Ebay it was quite a bargain!

 And finally the Cossack.

I hope you like!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Small Box First....

OK I have taken some pics so here we go with a little reveal!!  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.
An orange box...

 Off with the ribbon and lid! 
 A little more colour to see...what can it be?
 What is it there?...ooh it's a square!
I love how the dragon has a smile on his face!  I was born in The Year of the Dragon in Chinese folklore, so getting one of these was a no brainer.  I would have liked a red dragon but the reddest one I could find was more orange IRL so I went for the blue dragon instead plus it has pink in it!!  I wonder if I should give him a name - any ideas readers?

 As the label says here is my new L'Annee Du Dragon Gavroche!
 A cowboy look.
 Tied simply around the neck.
 And a mini Half Ascot Knot to the front...
 ...and to the side
Hope you like!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Busy Time!

I have been quiet in blogger land recently because it has been the Mariinsky Ballet season.  This has meant my spare time has been spent going (what seems) like up and down the country to London and back to catch the different performances.  I am just on the train home now, the season having finished last night - I am tired out now!  I have not even been able to blog about my return visit to Highgrove! Anyway I managed to see Don Quixote, Swan Lake and 2 La Bayaderes plus a performance of the amazing Chinese Acrobatic Swan Lake - Swan Lake as you have never quite seen it before - catch it if you can!   On my trips I have managed to visit Buckingham Palace and there I was able to see the Queen's wonderful Faberge and the Duchess of Cambridge's magnificent wedding dress and cake!  I am going back soon to see it again.  Of course no trip(s) to London are complete without a visit to Hermes at Harrods or Selfridges - watch this space my scarfie friends.....