Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Berlin - Part 2

A bit of Window Shopping:-
The Louis Vuiton windows on Friedrichstrasse.
The same can be seen in Paris and London as well.
I love the concept and the colours!

Hermes Ku'Dam were having a sale exhibition
of "Petit H..... "

Hmm.....not sure about this..... be honest I was not impressed and
I thought it was a lot of money for what are really
just scraps of materials!  Miaow!
The Berlin Sights:-
The line marks where the Berlin Wall
once stood - this was at Postdamer  Platz.
Imagine not being able to get to the other
side - incredible how times change.

A plaque indicating what the line in the road is!
The British Embassy.

Unter den Linden is a bit of building site
at the moment!

The I M Pie designed new wing of the
Deustches Historisches Musuem
(The German History Museum)

I went to see this exhibition - it was fabulous
not too big and not too small, perfect!

The museum site.
No photos were allowed but I sneaked this one!
The dress in the middle has butterflies printed
on the material - PP, I took this for you!
The lovely covered courtyard of the museum
which links the old and new buildings.

A cute fountain with ducks near our hotel.

Berlin has loads of Horse Chestnut trees
and they were all in bloom while I was there.
A close up of the flowers - I was amazed just
how beautiful they are.
The Kitsch:-
This balcony amused me with its array of
plastic animals and gnomes!  Must have taken
someone ages to collect and arrange.

And the window next to the balcony cute!

Hope you enjoyed my little whizz around Berlin!  

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Berlin - Part 1

I went to Berlin a couple of weeks ago:-
The Ballet:-
The point of my trip was to see 2 ballets - Romeo and Juliet and Onegin - Onegin is a favourite of  mine.  They were both lovely performances:  
R&J - L-R Mercutio, Juliet and Romeo
Dinu Tamazlacaru, Elisa Cabrera Carillo, Mikhail Kaniskin

Onegin - Iana Salenko and Marian Walter
as Olga and Lensky

Onegin- Nadja Saidakova and Wieslaw Dudeck as
Tatiana and Onegin
Tatiana and Onegin
The Food:-
No trip to Berlin is complete without indulging in some lovely food!  Here are some of the lovely dishes we had or food we saw:-
A delicious potato soup with sausage.
I can't tell you how delicious this was!

Fondue at our favourite fondue restaurant - Ars Vini
L:Red Onion and Cheese and R:Classic Swiss

The fabulous bread to go with it and a
glass of Riesling.

Pretty garnishes on the plate but the fruit is
a bit of an odd addition!

Some of the cakes at KaDeWe.

And some of the breads.

Yummy ice creams at Karstadt.

Thai curry and a rice dish at Moon Thai - delish!

Frankfurter Kranz cake.
Berry Torte.

In Part 2 I'll be showing you some of the shopping and the sights.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Duckling Saga

As regular readers will know, over at my sister's house she often has Mallard ducklings in the spring.  This year was no different, however the little family that arrived one day was literally gone the next - it seems they had toddled off to pastures new - we hope - as they have not been seen since!  My sister says it is VERY stressful having ducklings around as she worries about them all the time, in case other birds take them, so maybe it is as well they made a swift departure!  Anyway here are some pics of the little fellows!
7 babies with Mum!
Dad brings up the rear.

Think this one got out of line!

Sticking close to Mum
Playing hide and seek under Mum's wings!


Dad chaperones the new brood.

Off into the pond!

Forming an orderly line ahhh!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing the 2012 ducklings!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

It Comes To He Who Waits!

Well I finally got my hands on the ultimate Hermes scarf!  I am such a lucky scarf addict.  I was up early one Sunday morning recently and I was trawling Ebay and there it was with a Buy It Now option!  That mouse was clicked faster than you can say Jack Robinson.  Anyway this is the one I have waited and waited and waited for so here it is in all its glory - as this is a real piece of treasure for me and it is in brand new/unworn condition it is not being worn or modelled - apologies!

You guessed - Napoleon in Pink!

One of Ledoux's designs.

Depictions of Napoleon's life adorn the scarf.

The bee jacquard close up.

Details on the sash.

Even the soldiers are painted 

into the background.