Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New York Architecture

Any visit to New York involves seeing famous buildings and some not so famous, so on this trip I found one or two new ones to me.
The skyline of NYC as seen from JFK airport.

The Empire State Building (ESB)

This building was gorgeous!  It is 
appropriately nicknamed The Lipstick!

My favourite - The Chrysler Building.
So elegant.

A building with an inbuilt sculpture.

The ESB from another side.

Radio City Hall...dwarfed by its neighbours!

St Patrick's Cathedral - currently
undergoing significant renovations.

The Chrysler at dusk.
Love those lights!

The Lincoln Centre by night.

The Statue of Liberty seen from 
The Top of The Rock (zoom lens used!)

The Chrysler and MetLife from the ToTR.

The ESB from the Top of The Rock.  
I went up The Rock at 4pm so I was 
able to catch daylight, sunset, twilight 
and night all in one viewing!

The Freedom Tower from ToTR.

One of the many NYC bridges lit
up  - looks so pretty.

ESB and FT at sunset.

FT and you can just make out the
Statue of Liberty in the middle.

Nearly dark!

Times Square from ToTR.

Back down to earth and the
Chrysler looks awesome by night.

The ESB from its roots - it's huge!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Union Square Market & New York Higher End Shops

Whenever I am in NYC I do always try to get to Union Square Market - I love it there and Saturday is a great day to go when I think more stalls appear than early in the week.  

Walking by the little park I saw some squirrels 
who looked really cosy despite the chilly weather!

This one was intent on cracking the nut!

I love seeing beautifully presented vegetables!

Fresh breads.

Anyone for root veg?

A variety of squashes.

Christmas wreaths of every size and cost!

A sheep farm sold its merino wool in
lots of shades.

Lovely ornamental gourds.

A lovely dried flower shop.

The bouquets of dried flowers were so pretty.
This little cone of flowers came home with me!  
(Think ice cream shape)
Being fragile I managed to buy a tough box 
especially for it from the wonderful Container Store!  
I took a photo of the shop name to remind me!

Fabulous brightly coloured cranberries!
Lots of little dogs were out shopping
with their owners.

A good view of the ESB can be
had from Union Square.

On 14th is this store - it has everything
you could possibly need for parties....

...for every occasion....

....in every colour...

...and matching gift bags and paper etc!

Another little dog - this one in his
dinosaur onesie!

Moving Uptown to Madison Av - the Hermes
horseman was flying his flags.

I should know the name of this scarf but I don't!

Lovely windows at Hermes.

A miniature SoL on a side street.

A lovely patisserie somewhere - yum!
Handbags anyone?

No, I'll take the diamonds please!