Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowy Weather

It has been snowing here for a few days and today I managed to get out and about the business park where I work to take some photos:-
One of the many icy ponds!

A crow keeps watch.

2 of the resident Coots.

A tranquil snow scene.

Beautiful red Dogwood branches.

I was attracted to this lovely green lichen with ice.

A female Mallard duck errr ice breaker!!!

She was really efficient but also clever by
following an existing channel which
had refrozen but which was thinner ice! 

She's really going for it.

The leaping salmon makes a great look out 
post for the Gulls!

Lovely snow capped Mahonia.

And back at home my cyclamen were covered in snow but look how pretty the patterns are - the snow followed the shape of the leaves to make these lovely "snow hearts"!!

A cyclamen snow heart ahh cute!

My second daffodil to flower
the first one got eaten!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Little Rewind - London December 2012

Here are a few pics from my New Years weekend trip to weekend started with a Triple Bill of ballet at The Royal Opera House - The Firebird, In The Night and Raymonda Act III - it was fab-u-lous! I did not get any decent pics of In The Night.  After London it was a quick hop on the Eurostar to Paris....enjoy!
Gary Avis and Itizibar Mendizibal in The Firebird

Wonderful costumes for Firebird!

The lovely scenery/backdrop for Firebird.

A giant Rudolph in Covent Garden Piazza as 
pictured from the balcony on the 
top floor of the Royal Opera House.

A GIANT wreath in the Paul Hamlyn Hall at ROH.

A beautiful tree in the Crush Room
at ROH

Fabulous scenery for Raymonda Act III

Raymonda Principals Alina Cojacaru and 
Steven MacRae

A Chanel snow globe in the Covent Garden 
Chanel Pop Up shop!

The Covent Garden Piazza Tree

A very festive entrance at The Ritz Club.

Old Bond Street lights.

I think this was Louis Vuitton could be wrong!

Donna Karan says it with hearts.

Cartier all wrapped up!

Tiffany's fab miniature rooms with jewels!

Tiffanys - diamond earrings on the 
chaise long.

Another Tiffany room and blue box...

This was my favourite and the 
diamond tennis bracelet on the 
stairs is lovely!
Ralph Lauren I think - yet more white 
peacocks - they seem to be "everywhere"
in both London and Paris!

RL - Swans and fountain very icy looking!

RL- whiter than white! So elegant.

Chopard the jewellers all lit up.

And finally an Asprey silver teddy - costs 
about £50,000!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Rushing Headlong Into 2013!

Happy New Year to everyone.  Sorry I have not blogged for a few weeks - I have been to London, Paris, home then back to London for a day and work is crazy so I do not know whether I am coming or going!!!  I have loads of pics from Christmas in London and Paris but I don't know whether you want to see more Christmas stuff?  

I have changed my internet browser from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox as I was having trouble loading the browser but the new one is not much better - my PC needs a clean down!  The change over is also possibly why I am having trouble with line spacing and the captions on the blog - so if it is looking too big or captions are out of line that is why!  It has driven me to distraction trying to fiddle it to get it looking right....hope it is acceptable.

Anyway to more important things - my Christmas present to myself is this thanks to Hermes Charles de Gaulle Airport - I think when you see the photos you will agree that this scarf is excellent value for money as it really is like having 2 in 1!!!
The wrong size box for a start!
What can you see?
Some horses...
Yay!!! Finally I found cw02 of Galop Chromatique!

The whole scarf - 2 scarves in 1!
The central horse and circles of colour.
Quite a kaleidoscope.
I love the way the effect of the mutli colours.

Equestrian secured with grande ring - pink side.
The same knot but using the green diagonal!
Half bow knot - pink.
Half bow - green.
Pink Friendship Knot.
Green Friendship Knot.
Here just a tied bow. So simple but effective!

Cossack - Pink side.
Cossack - Green side.
Cowboy with pink side V tied with ring.
Cowboy with green side V tied with ring.