Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Foodie Finds in Milan

So somewhat belatedly following on from the last post - my apologies - here are some of the yummy things I ate in Milan.
I was keen to try out Tigellas which I had read about on Tripadvisor
Basically it is a cold cuts board served with "tigelle" which are little round Italian flatbreads and a version of fried gnocchi patties which blow up like little pillows, and lots of dips - including Nutella to finish with LOL!  The tigelle are served warm in a paper bag and they can even do gluten free ones.  The prices were very reasonable here too and it was very popular with locals.
I put a selection of the meats and cheese on a plate and the tigelle pockets (top) and fried gnocchi patties (bottom) for me are those on the right, the gluten free ones are in the middle photo.

I really enjoyed the food at Tigella's as it was different.
On the day of my cookery class I did not need much to eat as I had eaten what I cooked for lunch.  So in the evening before the ballet we found a nice restaurant in the Galleria Vittorio
Emanuele II called Il Gatta Rosso - The Red Cat.                                                                   
The cover charge was expensive at €4 but
the fantastic basket of artisan breads made
up for it, they were all delicious. 

I had a beautiful pumpkin soup with croutons - just
looking at it again is making my mouth water!  The
restaurant even provided ladies with those handbag
hooks to hand on the table - I was impressed!

The only time I have drunk coffee in 
years was in Milan and the hotel 
receptionist made this 

cute face in my cappuccino!
On my 2nd visit to Milan I found this great pizza place where you 

can buy just a slice and a drink for €5.50 and it was perfect 
for an informal, inexpensive meal, especially being on my 
own and did not always feel like going to a restaurant.

No trip to Italy is ever complete without ICE CREAM!

Some of the gorgeous "coppas" I had from my favourite 

gelateria Vaniglia (below)!  They were only €5!  The middle 
bottom one was just a tub of ice cream I got on my way home 
from the ballet!

Next time I will report on my cooking classes!  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the lovely food you have in Milan.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Market Trip in Milan

Following on from my last post, Milan is a foodie heaven.  You do not have to look far to find beautiful produce.  On my last day I headed for the small fresh market of Largo V Alpini in the north west of Milan.  It was very small but oh I was in fresh market heaven!
A huge display of fabulous fruit and veg!

I love the presentation of uniform vegetables:- round
courgettes, artichokes, radicchio and white onions

Courgette flowers - something of a delicacy - tomatoes, 
peppers and the fabulous tree shaped romanescu 

Every fruit imaginable pineapples, apples,
strawberries, oranges....
I loved these rosettes of Chicorino they
were beautiful and I have never seen them before.

Smaller vegetables/salad leaves and herbs.


Various preserved fish, capers, sun dried
tomatoes, nuts etc..

Colourful pulses.
Salted Fish here and preserves and honey in
the background.
Every kind of olive imaginable!
A lovely cheese shop sold a huge variety of cheese.

A lovely colourful plant shop.

In amongst the plants the must have Basil!!
And finally the florist.

Next time we'll have a look at some the yummy finds I made!